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Nation season ranking breakdown

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12017-03-011 Asian Cycling Championships U23 - Road RaceOKAMOTO Hayato75
22017-10-223 Japan Cup Cycle Road RaceAMEZAWA Takeaki60
32017-10-083 Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong ChallengeARASHIRO Yukiya40
42017-03-024 Asian Cycling Championships - Road RaceBEPPU Fumiyuki32
52017-03-0112 Le Tour de Langkawi NAKANE Hideto32
62017-07-23109 Tour de FranceARASHIRO Yukiya25
72017-10-2210 Japan Cup Cycle Road RaceHATANAKA Yusuke22
82017-03-027 Asian Cycling Championships - Road RaceARASHIRO Yukiya20
92017-03-017 Asian Cycling Championships U23 - Road RaceONODERA Rei20
102017-04-067 The Princess Maha Chackri Sirindhorn's Cup 'Tour of Thailand'IRIBE Shotaro20
112017-02-271 Asian Cycling Championships U23 - ITTONODERA Rei20
122017-06-048 Hammer Sportzone LimburgUCHIMA Kohei18
132017-09-102 Tour de Hokkaido NISHIZONO Ryota18
142017-06-048 Hammer Sportzone LimburgKOBAYASHI Marino18
152017-05-078 Tour d'Azerbaïdjan NAKANE Hideto16
162017-06-251 National Championships Japan - Road RaceHATANAKA Yusuke15
172017-11-121 Tour de OkinawaSANO Junya15
182017-09-2446 World Championships - Road RaceARASHIRO Yukiya15
192017-06-231 National Championships Japan - ITTNISHIZONO Ryota15
202017-10-213 Tour de SelangorKOMORI Ryohei14
212017-06-1810 Tour de Korea HATSUYAMA Sho14
222017-04-023 Tour de Tochigi SUZUKI Yuzuru14
232017-04-0610 The Princess Maha Chackri Sirindhorn's Cup 'Tour of Thailand'KOMORI Ryohei14
242017-05-282 Tour of Japan ABE Takayuki12
252017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTAMEZAWA Takeaki12
262017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTOKAMOTO Hayato12
272017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTNISHIZONO Ryota12
282017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTONODERA Rei12
292017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTMASUDA Nariyuki12
302017-02-252 Asian Cycling Championships - TTTARASHIRO Yukiya12
312017-06-044 Tour de Kumano NISHIZONO Ryota11
322017-06-252 National Championships Japan - Road RaceBEPPU Fumiyuki10
332017-03-3012 Tour de Taiwan HAYAKAWA Tomohiro10
342017-05-2812 Tour of Japan NISHIZONO Ryota10
352017-10-2216 Japan Cup Cycle Road RaceNISHIZONO Ryota10
362017-10-0812 Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong ChallengeONODERA Rei10
372017-07-195 Tour de FloresYAMAMOTO Genki8
382017-02-215 Le Tour de Filipinas SUZUKI Ryu8
392017-05-2813 Tour of Japan AMEZAWA Takeaki8
402017-10-2218 Japan Cup Cycle Road RaceHATSUYAMA Sho8
412017-11-123 Tour de OkinawaHATANAKA Yusuke7
422017-06-232 National Championships Japan - ITTSANO Junya7
432017-10-2219 Japan Cup Cycle Road RaceNAKANE Hideto7
442017-04-0614 The Princess Maha Chackri Sirindhorn's Cup 'Tour of Thailand'HIRAI Eiichi7
452017-10-0814 Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong ChallengeOKAMOTO Hayato7
462017-05-283 Tour of Japan OKUBO Jin7
472017-06-253 National Championships Japan - Road RaceKIMURA Keisuke7
482017-10-216 Tour de SelangorSUMIYOSHI Kota6
492017-10-0815 Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong ChallengeSUMIYOSHI Kota6
502017-04-026 Tour de Tochigi OKA Atsushi6
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