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2010  »  Rabobank ProTeam  (WT)

Top (n) results:

2017-10-155 Chrono des Nations - Stage 1 (ITT)Campenaerts Victor1.11
2017-10-1473 Tacx Pro ClassicJanssen Adriaan1.12
2017-10-1465 Tacx Pro ClassicWynants Maarten1.13
2017-10-1460 Tacx Pro ClassicWagner Robert1.14
2017-10-141 Tacx Pro ClassicRoosen Timo1.15
2017-10-14DNF Tacx Pro ClassicCastelijns Twan1.16
2017-10-1466 Tacx Pro ClassicTolhoek Antwan1.17
2017-10-143 Tacx Pro ClassicGroenewegen Dylan1.18
2017-10-1464 Tacx Pro ClassicVan Hoecke Gijs1.19
2017-10-0897 Paris-Tours EliteWynants Maarten1.HC10
2017-10-0867 Paris-Tours EliteVan Hoecke Gijs1.HC11
2017-10-0870 Paris-Tours EliteLobato Juan José1.HC12
2017-10-0858 Paris-Tours Elitevan Emden Jos1.HC13
2017-10-0860 Paris-Tours EliteRoosen Timo1.HC14
2017-10-0813 Paris-Tours EliteJansen Amund Grondahl1.HC15
2017-10-08136 Paris-Tours EliteWagner Robert1.HC16
2017-10-0819 Paris-Tours EliteGroenewegen Dylan1.HC17
2017-10-0728 Il LombardiaKruijswijk Steven1.UWT18
2017-10-0748 Il LombardiaDe Tier Floris1.UWT19
2017-10-0760 Il LombardiaBattaglin Enrico1.UWT20
2017-10-07DNF Il LombardiaClement Stef1.UWT21
2017-10-0751 Il LombardiaBouwman Koen1.UWT22
2017-10-0778 Il LombardiaTolhoek Antwan1.UWT23
2017-10-0740 Il LombardiaRoglic Primoz1.UWT24
2017-10-0792 Il LombardiaOlivier Daan1.UWT25
2017-10-0573 Milano-TorinoOlivier Daan1.HC26
2017-10-0597 Milano-TorinoDe Tier Floris1.HC27
2017-10-0520 Milano-TorinoKruijswijk Steven1.HC28
2017-10-0565 Milano-TorinoBattaglin Enrico1.HC29
2017-10-0537 Milano-TorinoTolhoek Antwan1.HC30
2017-10-0555 Milano-TorinoBouwman Koen1.HC31
2017-10-0553 Milano-TorinoClement Stef1.HC32
2017-10-0566 Milano-TorinoRoglic Primoz1.HC33
2017-10-0359 Binche - Chimay - BincheTankink Bram1.134
2017-10-0377 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroCampenaerts Victor1.HC35
2017-10-0317 Binche - Chimay - BincheLobato Juan José1.136
2017-10-0318 Binche - Chimay - BincheCastelijns Twan1.137
2017-10-0339 Sparkassen Münsterland Girovan Emden Jos1.HC38
2017-10-0337 Binche - Chimay - BincheJanssen Adriaan1.139
2017-10-0360 Binche - Chimay - BincheBoom Lars1.140
2017-10-0343 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroWagner Robert1.HC41
2017-10-03DNF Sparkassen Münsterland GiroKeizer Martijn1.HC42
2017-10-0376 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroWynants Maarten1.HC43
2017-10-0349 Binche - Chimay - BincheVan Hoecke Gijs1.144
2017-10-035 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroGroenewegen Dylan1.HC45
2017-10-035 Binche - Chimay - BincheJansen Amund Grondahl1.146
2017-10-03131 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroLindeman Bert-Jan1.HC47
2017-10-0342 Sparkassen Münsterland GiroMartens Paul1.HC48
2017-10-0319 Binche - Chimay - BincheRoosen Timo1.149
2017-10-0114 Tour de l'Eurométropole Wynants Maarten1.HC50
2017-10-0120 Tour de l'Eurométropole Castelijns Twan1.HC51
2017-10-0174 Tour de l'Eurométropole Lobato Juan José1.HC52
2017-10-0115 Tour de l'Eurométropole Vermeulen Alexey1.HC53
2017-10-0167 Tour de l'Eurométropole Van Hoecke Gijs1.HC54
2017-10-0158 Tour de l'Eurométropole Tankink Bram1.HC55
2017-10-0110 Tour de l'Eurométropole Jansen Amund Grondahl1.HC56
2017-10-0116 Tour de l'Eurométropole Roosen Timo1.HC57
2017-09-3052 Omloop Eurometropool Lobato Juan José1.158
2017-09-3050 Omloop Eurometropool Wynants Maarten1.159
2017-09-3048 Omloop Eurometropool De Tier Floris1.160
2017-09-3074 Omloop Eurometropool Vermeulen Alexey1.161
2017-09-3062 Omloop Eurometropool Tolhoek Antwan1.162
2017-09-308 Omloop Eurometropool Castelijns Twan1.163
2017-09-30110 Omloop Eurometropool Campenaerts Victor1.164
2017-09-3045 Omloop Eurometropool Van Hoecke Gijs1.165
2017-09-2029 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Van Hoecke Gijs1.166
2017-09-2074 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde van Emden Jos1.167
2017-09-2099 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Boom Lars1.168
2017-09-2011 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Jansen Amund Grondahl1.169
2017-09-2037 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Roosen Timo1.170
2017-09-2076 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Janssen Adriaan1.171
2017-09-202 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Wynants Maarten1.172
2017-09-2075 Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde Wagner Robert1.173
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)Van Hoecke GijsWC74
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)van Emden JosWC75
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)Roglic PrimozWC76
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)Clement StefWC77
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)Campenaerts VictorWC78
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT)Boom LarsWC79
2017-09-177 World Championships - TTT - Stage 1 (TTT) WC80
2017-09-1642 Primus Classic Castelijns Twan1.HC81
2017-09-1636 Primus Classic Vermeulen Alexey1.HC82
2017-09-1646 Primus Classic Wynants Maarten1.HC83
2017-09-1663 Primus Classic Martens Paul1.HC84
2017-09-16DNS Primus Classic Groenewegen Dylan1.HC85
2017-09-168 Primus Classic Jansen Amund Grondahl1.HC86
2017-09-16107 Primus Classic Wagner Robert1.HC87
2017-09-1664 Primus Classic Keizer Martijn1.HC88
2017-09-1575 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Jansen Amund Grondahl1.189
2017-09-1582 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Vermeulen Alexey1.190
2017-09-1581 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Janssen Adriaan1.191
2017-09-1560 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Wagner Robert1.192
2017-09-15DNF Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Tankink Bram1.193
2017-09-1523 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Castelijns Twan1.194
2017-09-152 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Groenewegen Dylan1.195
2017-09-1540 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen Roosen Timo1.196
2017-09-1336 Grand Prix de Wallonie Martens Paul1.197
2017-09-1384 Grand Prix de Wallonie van den Broeck Jurgen1.198
2017-09-1350 Grand Prix de Wallonie Janssen Adriaan1.199
2017-09-1394 Grand Prix de Wallonie Keizer Martijn1.1100
2017-09-1333 Grand Prix de Wallonie Vermeulen Alexey1.1101
2017-09-1311 Grand Prix de Wallonie Battaglin Enrico1.1102
2017-09-1316 Grand Prix de Wallonie Wynants Maarten1.1103
2017-09-1332 Grand Prix de Wallonie Jansen Amund Grondahl1.1104
2017-09-1092 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Castelijns Twan1.UWT105
2017-09-1042 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationDe Tier Floris2.UWT106
2017-09-1082 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationBouwman Koen2.UWT107
2017-09-1012 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Lobato Juan José2.UWT108
2017-09-1028 Vuelta a España - Mountains ClassificationKruijswijk Steven2.UWT109
2017-09-1012 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Points ClassificationBoom Lars2.HC110
2017-09-1028 Vuelta a EspañaTolhoek Antwan2.UWT111
2017-09-1059 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Clement Stef2.UWT112
2017-09-1086 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Tankink Bram1.UWT113
2017-09-104 OVO Energy Tour of Britain Campenaerts Victor2.HC114
2017-09-109 Vuelta a EspañaKruijswijk Steven2.UWT115
2017-09-1077 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationTolhoek Antwan2.UWT116
2017-09-1017 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Points ClassificationCampenaerts Victor2.HC117
2017-09-1091 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationLindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT118
2017-09-1054 Vuelta a España - Mountains ClassificationLindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT119
2017-09-1014 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8Boom Lars2.HC120
2017-09-1041 Vuelta a EspañaBouwman Koen2.UWT121
2017-09-1065 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Olivier Daan2.UWT122
2017-09-1039 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationLobato Juan José2.UWT123
2017-09-1029 Vuelta a EspañaClement Stef2.UWT124
2017-09-1083 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Wynants Maarten1.UWT125
2017-09-1015 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8van Emden Jos2.HC126
2017-09-1074 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Roosen Timo1.UWT127
2017-09-1081 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Battaglin Enrico1.UWT128
2017-09-106 OVO Energy Tour of Britain van Emden Jos2.HC129
2017-09-1072 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Vermeulen Alexey1.UWT130
2017-09-1027 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Tolhoek Antwan2.UWT131
2017-09-1058 Vuelta a España - Mountains ClassificationTolhoek Antwan2.UWT132
2017-09-10114 Vuelta a EspañaLobato Juan José2.UWT133
2017-09-101 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Teams Classification 2.HC134
2017-09-1062 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationClement Stef2.UWT135
2017-09-101 OVO Energy Tour of Britain Boom Lars2.HC136
2017-09-1062 Vuelta a EspañaDe Tier Floris2.UWT137
2017-09-1037 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationKruijswijk Steven2.UWT138
2017-09-1060 Vuelta a EspañaOlivier Daan2.UWT139
2017-09-1051 Vuelta a España - Mountains ClassificationDe Tier Floris2.UWT140
2017-09-1060 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Kruijswijk Steven2.UWT141
2017-09-10DNF Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Leezer Tom1.UWT142
2017-09-10DNF OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8Groenewegen Dylan2.HC143
2017-09-10153 Vuelta a España - Stage 21De Tier Floris2.UWT144
2017-09-1023 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Mountains ClassificationBoom Lars2.HC145
2017-09-10DNF OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8Van Hoecke Gijs2.HC146
2017-09-10DNF OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8Roglic Primoz2.HC147
2017-09-105 Vuelta a España - Teams Classification 2.UWT148
2017-09-10141 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Lindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT149
2017-09-1034 Vuelta a España - Stage 21Bouwman Koen2.UWT150
2017-09-1038 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal Martens Paul1.UWT151
2017-09-1021 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Points Classificationvan Emden Jos2.HC152
2017-09-10110 Vuelta a EspañaLindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT153
2017-09-1089 Vuelta a España - Points ClassificationOlivier Daan2.UWT154
2017-09-1021 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 8Campenaerts Victor2.HC155
2017-09-0921 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7van Emden Jos2.HC156
2017-09-0942 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7Van Hoecke Gijs2.HC157
2017-09-0968 Vuelta a España - Stage 20De Tier Floris2.UWT158
2017-09-0997 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7Roglic Primoz2.HC159
2017-09-0979 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Olivier Daan2.UWT160
2017-09-0926 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Bouwman Koen2.UWT161
2017-09-09154 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Lobato Juan José2.UWT162
2017-09-091 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7Groenewegen Dylan2.HC163
2017-09-0937 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7Campenaerts Victor2.HC164
2017-09-097 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Kruijswijk Steven2.UWT165
2017-09-0995 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Clement Stef2.UWT166
2017-09-0916 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 7Boom Lars2.HC167
2017-09-09107 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Lindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT168
2017-09-0934 Vuelta a España - Stage 20Tolhoek Antwan2.UWT169
2017-09-0873 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecBattaglin Enrico1.UWT170
2017-09-08134 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecCastelijns Twan1.UWT171
2017-09-08100 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecVermeulen Alexey1.UWT172
2017-09-08120 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecLeezer Tom1.UWT173
2017-09-0820 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Lobato Juan José2.UWT174
2017-09-0896 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6Roglic Primoz2.HC175
2017-09-0820 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6van Emden Jos2.HC176
2017-09-0818 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Tolhoek Antwan2.UWT177
2017-09-0835 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6Van Hoecke Gijs2.HC178
2017-09-0810 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Bouwman Koen2.UWT179
2017-09-0887 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecWynants Maarten1.UWT180
2017-09-08160 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Clement Stef2.UWT181
2017-09-0895 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecTankink Bram1.UWT182
2017-09-0823 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6Campenaerts Victor2.HC183
2017-09-0816 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6Boom Lars2.HC184
2017-09-08101 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Olivier Daan2.UWT185
2017-09-085 Vuelta a España - Stage 19De Tier Floris2.UWT186
2017-09-0838 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecRoosen Timo1.UWT187
2017-09-0834 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Kruijswijk Steven2.UWT188
2017-09-08159 Vuelta a España - Stage 19Lindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT189
2017-09-083 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 6Groenewegen Dylan2.HC190
2017-09-0832 Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecMartens Paul1.UWT191
2017-09-0712 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 5 (ITT)Roglic Primoz2.HC192
2017-09-079 Vuelta a España - Stage 18Tolhoek Antwan2.UWT193
2017-09-07100 Vuelta a España - Stage 18Olivier Daan2.UWT194
2017-09-0777 Vuelta a España - Stage 18Lindeman Bert-Jan2.UWT195
2017-09-0746 Vuelta a España - Stage 18Clement Stef2.UWT196
2017-09-0791 Vuelta a España - Stage 18Lobato Juan José2.UWT197
2017-09-0733 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 5 (ITT)Van Hoecke Gijs2.HC198
2017-09-0781 Vuelta a España - Stage 18De Tier Floris2.UWT199
2017-09-0799 OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 5 (ITT)Groenewegen Dylan2.HC200
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