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1 Nõmmela AkselBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 40153:57:513:57:51
2 Paasschens Mathijs 2230100:100:10
3 Debruyne Glenn 232570:130:13
4 Lewis AdamT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon204,,0:13
5 De Groef Felix 152,,0:13
6 Lamb RossT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon1010:160:16
7 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  20BEAT Cycling Club 50:180:18
8 Reynders JensLeopard Pro Cycling  20Leopard Pro Cycling 33:023:02
9 Krieger AlexanderLeopard Pro Cycling  26Leopard Pro Cycling 33:073:07
10 Stenuit RobinSovac - Natura4Ever 28Sovac - Natura4Ever3,,3:07
11 Stas Brecht 223:093:09
12 Coolen Yves 223:133:13
13 White NicholasOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food3:163:16
14 Schlechter PitLeopard Pro Cycling  27Leopard Pro Cycling ,,3:16
15 Lewis Gruffudd 30,,3:16
16 Monk CyrusDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling,,3:16
17 Brockhoff JanLeopard Pro Cycling  23Leopard Pro Cycling ,,3:16
18 Pons GaëtanLeopard Pro Cycling  26Leopard Pro Cycling ,,3:16
19 Rebellin DavideSovac - Natura4Ever 46Sovac - Natura4Ever,,3:16
20 Cumps Ruben ,,3:16
21 Bondarenko-Edwards SaschaDrapac EF Cycling 24Drapac EF Cycling3:203:20
22 Bertels Jef 3:473:47
23 De Plus Jasper 214:224:22
24 Desale NahomBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club ,,4:22
25 Debuy AnthonyAGO-Aqua Service 22AGO-Aqua Service4:264:26
26 Baurin Antoine 224:344:34
27 Van Vuchelen TomAGO-Aqua Service 18AGO-Aqua Service,,4:34
28 Andrews BenjaminOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food,,4:34
29 Petit TomasT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 21T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,4:34
30 Kent-spark OliverDrapac EF Cycling 25Drapac EF Cycling4:434:43
31 Spengler MarioLeopard Pro Cycling  20Leopard Pro Cycling ,,4:43
32 Taminiaux LionelAGO-Aqua Service 22AGO-Aqua Service5:125:12
33 Slagmulders YorickT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon5:255:25
34 Houbben Adrien 20,,5:25
35 De Vos GertjanStart Team Gusto 26Start Team Gusto6:126:12
DNF Goebeert PierreAGO-Aqua Service 21AGO-Aqua Service--
DNF Baccauw Thomas 20,,-
DNF Pruvoost Shayne 20,,-
DNF Gonzales André AlexanderStart Team Gusto 19Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Autran José EduardoStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Helminen Matti 42,,-
DNF Rex Laurenz 18,,-
DNF De Jaeger Nick 20,,-
DNF Belgio Paleme ,,-
DNF Magennis LiamDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF Leyder Misch 19,,-
DNF Corbett William 18,,-
DNF Rees Jack 29,,-
DNF Wante Nick ,,-
DNF Frehen JeremyAGO-Aqua Service 18AGO-Aqua Service,,-
DNF Toubeau Alexandre ,,-
DNF Forthomme Adrien ,,-
DNF Diederich Tim 29,,-
DNF Maas DannyBEAT Cycling Club  19BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF Tooth Niels ,,-
DNF Peigneur Guillaume 19,,-
DNF Legley MatthiasSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF Kørner Max EmilT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 27T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF Kaesler TomDrapac EF Cycling 23Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF Fries Noah 20,,-
DNF Narumi So 20,,-
DNF Kyffin Zeb 20,,-
DNF De Ketele Angelo 22,,-
DNF Pestiaux YannAGO-Aqua Service 19AGO-Aqua Service,,-
DNF Nyssen Kevin 20,,-
DNF Bolton ThomasOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Cerutti Stefano ,,-
DNF Venner Quentin 20,,-
DNF Chapman CarstenOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Belot Remi 22,,-
DNF Zanetta Christian ,,-
DNF Haag GuillaumeT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 28T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,-
DNF Maciejuk FilipLeopard Pro Cycling  18Leopard Pro Cycling ,,-
DNF Dostert Sandro 23,,-
DNF Evrard LaurentSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF Hewett David 23,,-
DNF Wante Jari 19,,-
DNF De Vriendt Niels 18,,-
DNF Meens Johan 19,,-
DNF González FreddyStart Team Gusto 23Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Tietema BasBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF Weyrich Maxime 21,,-
DNF Ernst Robin 19,,-
DNF Bazan Oscar NehuenStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Gardini Lorenzo 20,,-
DNF De Winter GordonAGO-Aqua Service 21AGO-Aqua Service,,-
DNF Diener Mike 27,,-
DNF Delvaux Guillaume 22,,-
DNF Hesters Jules 19,,-
DNF Pasi-Puttini Roberto 24,,-
DNF GOOSEN Wouter ,,-
DNF De Lie Axel 19,,-
DNF Espinoza Ignacio AlejandroStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Deriaux FlorianSovac - Natura4Ever 28Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF Burt PatrickDrapac EF Cycling 22Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF Heiderscheid ColinDauner D&DQ-Akkon 20Dauner D&DQ-Akkon,,-
DNF Pearce CallumOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF Haile YonatanStart Team Gusto 23Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF Pessemier Tom 19,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 8th July 2018
Avg. speed winner: 42.48 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Wanfercée-Baulet › Wanfercée-Baulet
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.2
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