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13 Chapman BrodieOceania Womens Cycling 27Oceania Womens Cycling40403:32:093:32:09
231 Merrick JennaMike Greer Homes 18Mike Greer Homes30300:010:01
333 Mcmullen RyleeMike Greer Homes 23Mike Greer Homes25168:168:16
444 Mcilroy KateCastelli Womens Racing 37Castelli Womens Racing2012,,8:16
52 Anderson GraceOceania Womens Cycling 21Oceania Womens Cycling1510,,8:16
623 Mccallum KirstyVelo Project 26Velo Project108,,8:16
715 Harris EllaNew Zealand 20New Zealand56,,8:16
851 O'Brien ConnieTineli Development Team 18Tineli Development Team338:178:17
932 Fisher-Black NiamhMike Greer Homes 18Mike Greer Homes3,,8:17
1012 Paine DeborahNew Zealand 21New Zealand38:188:18
1165 Evans AliciaTeam Cyclista 31Team Cyclista10:5110:51
1221 Fraser ElyseVelo Project 30Velo Project12:5812:58
1334 Jamieson AmandaMike Greer Homes 21Mike Greer Homes12:5912:59
1454 Bartram HannahTineli Development Team 17Tineli Development Team13:0013:00
1535 Arbuckle LibbyMike Greer Homes 19Mike Greer Homes13:3013:30
164 Stannard ElizabethOceania Womens Cycling 21Oceania Womens Cycling13:3313:33
1711 Wightman KateNew Zealand 25New Zealand15:4615:46
1855 Nightingale StellaTineli Development Team 17Tineli Development Team16:2116:21
OTL64 Matthews AmeliaTeam Cyclista 18Team Cyclista--
OTL52 Smith EmmaTineli Development Team 20Tineli Development Team,,-
OTL42 Page Kerri-AnneCastelli Womens Racing 30Castelli Womens Racing,,-
OTL41 Bayard HannahCastelli Womens Racing Castelli Womens Racing,,-
OTL61 Roberts EmmaTeam Cyclista 29Team Cyclista,,-
OTL13 Smith KateNew Zealand 19New Zealand,,-
OTL43 Macgregor BronwynCastelli Womens Racing 36Castelli Womens Racing,,-
OTL25 Wollaston NinaVelo Project 22Velo Project,,-
OTL24 Stubbs BethanVelo Project 26Velo Project,,-
OTL63 Forster AlanaTeam Cyclista 32Team Cyclista,,-
OTL53 Rayner CharlotteTineli Development Team 22Tineli Development Team,,-
DNF1 Lucas SharlotteOceania Womens Cycling 27Oceania Womens Cycling,,-
DNF5 Chilton EmmaOceania Womens Cycling 20Oceania Womens Cycling,,-
DNF62 Leyland MargaretTeam Cyclista Team Cyclista,,-
DNF45 Danford GeorgiaCastelli Womens Racing 19Castelli Womens Racing,,-
DNF22 Lipp AnnamarieVelo Project 18Velo Project,,-
DNF14 Johnson IoneNew Zealand 21New Zealand,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Gravel and Tar La Femme logoDate: 19th January 2019
Avg. speed winner: 31.85 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.2
Start/finish: Palmerston NorthPalmerston North