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142 Le Bon JohanB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 29B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM125753:37:033:37:03
2132 Ewart JesseTeam Sapura Cycling 25Team Sapura Cycling8555,,0:00
351 De Rossi LucasNIPPO DELKO One Provence 24NIPPO DELKO One Provence70400:050:05
4161 Nikitin MatveyVino - Astana Motors 27Vino - Astana Motors6032,,0:05
5136 Raileanu CristianTeam Sapura Cycling 27Team Sapura Cycling5028,,0:05
661 Ito MasakazuAisan Racing Team 31Aisan Racing Team4024,,0:05
7183 Suzuki RyuUtsunomiya Blitzen 27Utsunomiya Blitzen3520,,0:05
8143 Morey DrewTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 23Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team3018,,0:05
941 Gautier CyrilB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 32B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM2516,,0:05
10174 Hoehn AlexWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 22Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling2014,,0:05
1154 Nakane HidetoNIPPO DELKO One Provence 29NIPPO DELKO One Provence1512,,0:05
12181 Masuda NariyukiUtsunomiya Blitzen 36Utsunomiya Blitzen1010,,0:05
1331 Bongiorno Francesco ManuelVini Zabù - KTM 29Vini Zabù - KTM58,,0:05
142 Meintjes LouisNTT Pro Cycling 27NTT Pro Cycling57,,0:05
15135 Azman Muhamad ZawawiTeam Sapura Cycling 25Team Sapura Cycling56,,0:05
16133 Mohd Zariff Muhammad Nur AimanTeam Sapura Cycling 22Team Sapura Cycling350:460:46
17123 Quick BlakeSt George Continental Cycling Team 19St George Continental Cycling Team340:570:57
18111 Meijers JeroenSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 27SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team331:171:17
194 Walscheid MaxNTT Pro Cycling 26NTT Pro Cycling321:281:28
2012 Chirico LucaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 27Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec312:562:56
2153 Minali RiccardoNIPPO DELKO One Provence 24NIPPO DELKO One Provence35:535:53
221 Battistella SamueleNTT Pro Cycling 21NTT Pro Cycling3,,5:53
23126 Zenovich MatthewSt George Continental Cycling Team 25St George Continental Cycling Team37:097:09
24175 Cowan AlexanderWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 23Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling3,,7:09
25165 Semenov AlexandrVino - Astana Motors 20Vino - Astana Motors38:078:07
26142 Othman Afiq HuznieTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 23Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team,,8:07
2782 van Aert BernardPgn Road Cycling Team 22Pgn Road Cycling Team11:0411:04
28172 Lange ColbyWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 20Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling,,11:04
DNF194 Lau Wan Yau VincentHKSI Pro Cycling Team 23HKSI Pro Cycling Team--
DNF5 Iribe ShotaroNTT Pro Cycling 30NTT Pro Cycling,,-
DNF113 Perez DominicSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 25SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team,,-
DNF64 Kusaba KeigoAisan Racing Team 23Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF36 Tortomasi LeonardoVini Zabù - KTM 26Vini Zabù - KTM,,-
DNF95 Kim JeahyunKSPO Professional 19KSPO Professional,,-
DNF171 Boardman SamuelWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 24Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling,,-
DNF152 Liphongyu NawutiThailand Continental Cycling Team 28Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF21 Lonardi GiovanniBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 23Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNF203 Ahmad Muhammad AmeerMalaysia 24Malaysia,,-
DNF122 Harvey JamesSt George Continental Cycling Team 29St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF75 van der Merwe Juan-PierreTeam BridgeLane 21Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF52 Ishigami MasahiroNIPPO DELKO One Provence 22NIPPO DELKO One Provence,,-
DNF124 Bettles CarterSt George Continental Cycling Team 21St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF104 Gilmore ZackACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 20ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF206 Manan AnuarMalaysia 33Malaysia,,-
DNF63 Okamoto HayatoAisan Racing Team 24Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF162 Chzhan IgorVino - Astana Motors 20Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF144 Ovechkin ArtemTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 33Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team,,-
DNF6 Carbel MichaelNTT Pro Cycling 25NTT Pro Cycling,,-
DNF195 Ho BurrHKSI Pro Cycling Team 27HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF114 Ferrari FabricioSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 34SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team,,-
DNF66 Kaihara RyotaAisan Racing Team 22Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF43 Lecroq JérémyB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 24B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM,,-
DNF96 Shin GwanghoKSPO Professional 19KSPO Professional,,-
DNF173 Ross KentWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 23Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling,,-
DNF153 Chawchiangkwang PeerapolThailand Continental Cycling Team 33Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF22 Mazzucco FabioBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 20Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNF204 Eddy Suhaidee Muhammad Danieal HaikalMalaysia 21Malaysia,,-
DNF155 Chaiyasombat ThanakhanThailand Continental Cycling Team 20Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF81 Cahyadi AimanPgn Road Cycling Team 26Pgn Road Cycling Team,,-
DNF55 Rajović DušanNIPPO DELKO One Provence 22NIPPO DELKO One Provence,,-
DNF105 Drake AmarniACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 20ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF91 Kwon Soon YoungKSPO Professional 26KSPO Professional,,-
DNF3 Sunderland DylanNTT Pro Cycling 23NTT Pro Cycling,,-
DNF92 Park Kyoung HoKSPO Professional 26KSPO Professional,,-
DNF163 Fedorov YevgeniyVino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF145 Eyob MetkelTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 26Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team,,-
DNF11 Viel MattiaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 24Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNF196 Ko Siu WaiHKSI Pro Cycling Team 32HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF115 Nieto Edgar NohalesSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 33SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team,,-
DNF72 Field RyleeTeam BridgeLane 25Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF44 Mottier JustinB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 26B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM,,-
DNF154 Boonratanathanakorn TurakitThailand Continental Cycling Team 30Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF101 Rice MatthewACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 19ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF176 McGeough CormacWildlife Generation Pro Cycling 23Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling,,-
DNF24 Pelucchi MatteoBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 31Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNF205 Abdul Halil Mohamad Izzat HilmiMalaysia 24Malaysia,,-
DNF156 Phounsavath AriyaThailand Continental Cycling Team 28Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF83 Novardianto JamalidinPgn Road Cycling Team 25Pgn Road Cycling Team,,-
DNF32 Bevilacqua MattiaVini Zabù - KTM 21Vini Zabù - KTM,,-
DNF106 Shaw StuartACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 42ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF86 Hibatulah JamalPgn Road Cycling Team 23Pgn Road Cycling Team,,-
DNF33 Fortunato LorenzoVini Zabù - KTM 23Vini Zabù - KTM,,-
DNF93 Kim Ji-HunKSPO Professional 25KSPO Professional,,-
DNF164 Ovsyannikov AlexandrVino - Astana Motors 22Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF146 Quintero CarlosTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 33Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team,,-
DNF14 Pacioni LucaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 26Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNF201 Zulkifli Nik Mohamad AzmanMalaysia 29Malaysia,,-
DNF116 Looij AndréSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 24SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team,,-
DNF73 Van Dam BenTeam BridgeLane 27Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF45 Pacher QuentinB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 28B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM,,-
DNF131 Örken AhmetTeam Sapura Cycling 26Team Sapura Cycling,,-
DNF102 Donohoe AlistairACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 24ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF182 Suzuki YuzuruUtsunomiya Blitzen 34Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF25 Pessot AlessandroBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 24Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNF192 Choi Hiu FungHKSI Pro Cycling Team 24HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF134 Ficara PierpaoloTeam Sapura Cycling 28Team Sapura Cycling,,-
DNF193 Chiu Ho SanHKSI Pro Cycling Team 24HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF84 Nur Hasan SandyPgn Road Cycling Team 21Pgn Road Cycling Team,,-
DNF26 Savini DanielBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 22Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNF112 Bouglas GeorgiosSSOIS Miogee Cycling Team 29SSOIS Miogee Cycling Team,,-
DNF85 Firdaus Ahmad Yoga Ilham Pgn Road Cycling Team 19Pgn Road Cycling Team,,-
DNF35 Iacchi AlessandroVini Zabù - KTM 20Vini Zabù - KTM,,-
DNF94 Kim KookhyunKSPO Professional 20KSPO Professional,,-
DNF166 Brussenskiy GlebVino - Astana Motors 19Vino - Astana Motors,,-
DNF151 Sirironnachai SarawutThailand Continental Cycling Team 27Thailand Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF16 Venchiarutti NicolaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 21Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNF202 Mohd Bakri Sofian NabilMalaysia 26Malaysia,,-
DNF121 Dutton JaySt George Continental Cycling Team 26St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF74 Ward TristanTeam BridgeLane 24Team BridgeLane,,-
DNF46 Rolland PierreB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM 33B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM,,-
DNF125 Vink MichaelSt George Continental Cycling Team 28St George Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF103 Jones TajACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 19ACA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast,,-
DNF186 Nakamura KaitoUtsunomiya Blitzen 23Utsunomiya Blitzen,,-
DNF62 Sumiyoshi KotaAisan Racing Team 28Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF191 Fung Ka HooHKSI Pro Cycling Team 22HKSI Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF141 Mazuki Nur Amirul FakhruddinTerengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team 28Terengganu Inc. TSG Cycling Team,,-
DNS15 Rivera KevinAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec 21Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec,,-
DNS23 Monaco AlessandroBardiani-CSF-Faizanè 22Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè,,-
DNS34 Bevilacqua SimoneVini Zabù - KTM 22Vini Zabù - KTM,,-
DNS65 Omae KakeruAisan Racing Team 22Aisan Racing Team,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 15th February 2020
Avg. speed winner: 43.95 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Kuah › Kuah
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1

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Race ranking position
75 pnt
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