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1 Stewart ThomasMadison Genesis  26Madison Genesis 125754:20:294:20:29
2 Guldhammer RasmusStölting Service Group 27Stölting Service Group8555,,0:00
3 Bibby IanNFTO  29NFTO 7040,,0:00
4 Hník KarelVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 24VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team6032,,0:00
5 Cieślik PawełVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 30VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team5028,,0:00
6 Domagalski KarolOne Pro Cycling 26One Pro Cycling4024,,0:00
7 Stedman Maximilian Pedal Heaven Race Team 20 Pedal Heaven Race Team3520,,0:00
8 Boulo MatthieuTeam Raleigh GAC 27Team Raleigh GAC3018,,0:00
9 Appleby DaleNFTO  29NFTO 2516,,0:00
10 Hoekstra JochemParkhotel Valkenburg CT 23Parkhotel Valkenburg CT2014,,0:00
11 Smith DionOne Pro Cycling 23One Pro Cycling15120:140:14
12 Białobłocki MarcinOne Pro Cycling 32One Pro Cycling1010,,0:14
13 Hansen Lasse Norman Stölting Service Group 24Stölting Service Group580:160:16
14 Gradek KamilVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 25VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team57,,0:16
15 Ockeloen JasperParkhotel Valkenburg CT 26Parkhotel Valkenburg CT561:121:12
16 Pruus PeeterRietumu - Delfin 26Rietumu - Delfin351:131:13
17 Vinjebo EmilTeam Giant Scatto U23 22Team Giant Scatto U23341:431:43
18 Pullar Jack Pedal Heaven Race Team 26 Pedal Heaven Race Team331:501:50
19 Evrard LaurentTeam3M 25Team3M32,,1:50
20 Harper GeorgeOne Pro Cycling 23One Pro Cycling31,,1:50
21 Hrinkow DominikTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 27Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang3,,1:50
22 Lukševics ViestursAlpha Baltic - 29Alpha Baltic - Maratoni.lv3,,1:50
23 Podlaski MichałVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 28VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team3,,1:50
24 Koch JonasVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 22VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team3,,1:50
25 Moreno AdriaTeam Raleigh GAC 24Team Raleigh GAC31:541:54
26 Janssens JimmyTeam3M 26Team3M1:561:56
27 Torres AlbertTeam Raleigh GAC 26Team Raleigh GAC2:172:17
28 Mould JonJLT Condor 25JLT Condor,,2:17
29 Lewis GruffuddMadison Genesis  28Madison Genesis ,,2:17
30 Fox Will Pedal Heaven Race Team 27 Pedal Heaven Race Team,,2:17
31 Briggs GrahamJLT Condor 32JLT Condor,,2:17
32 Janssen DickTeam3M 21Team3M,,2:17
33 Bradbury EdmundNFTO  23NFTO ,,2:17
34 Kalojiros TomasAC Sparta Praha 21AC Sparta Praha,,2:17
35 Tarvis Peeter 22,,2:17
36 Lloyd RhysNFTO  27NFTO 2:212:21
37 Barker YantoOne Pro Cycling 36One Pro Cycling,,2:21
38 Downing RussellJLT Condor 37JLT Condor2:262:26
39 Bogdanovics MarisRietumu - Delfin 24Rietumu - Delfin3:033:03
40 Liepiņš EmīlsRietumu - Delfin 23Rietumu - Delfin3:143:14
41 De Vos GertjanTeam3M 24Team3M,,3:14
42 Bichlmann DanielStradalli - Bike Aid 27Stradalli - Bike Aid,,3:14
43 Kneisky MorganTeam Raleigh GAC 28Team Raleigh GAC,,3:14
44 Mager ChristianStölting Service Group 24Stölting Service Group3:193:19
45 Kamp AlexanderStölting Service Group 22Stölting Service Group,,3:19
46 Atkins GeorgeJLT Condor 24JLT Condor,,3:19
47 McEvoy JonathanNFTO  26NFTO ,,3:19
48 van den Berg JimParkhotel Valkenburg CT 30Parkhotel Valkenburg CT7:137:13
49 Smirnovs AndrisAlpha Baltic - 26Alpha Baltic - Maratoni.lv7:507:50
50 Slater AlistairJLT Condor 23JLT Condor10:1510:15
51 Horton TobynMadison Genesis  29Madison Genesis 17:2617:26
DNF Goderis JelleTeam3M 25Team3M--
DNF Womersley Jake Pedal Heaven Race Team 20 Pedal Heaven Race Team,,-
DNF Benetseder JosefTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 33Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang,,-
DNF Rācenājs KristofersAlpha Baltic - 30Alpha Baltic -,,-
DNF Vendelin Karl-arnold 19,,-
DNF Zanotti MarcoParkhotel Valkenburg CT 27Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,-
DNF Tasane Jaanus 19,,-
DNF Ebsen JohnOne Pro Cycling 27One Pro Cycling,,-
DNF Franczak PawełVERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team 24VERVA ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team,,-
DNF Holub TomasAC Sparta Praha 25AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Lawless ChrisJLT Condor 20JLT Condor,,-
DNF Townsend Rory Pedal Heaven Race Team 20 Pedal Heaven Race Team,,-
DNF Roach StevenTeam Raleigh GAC 31Team Raleigh GAC,,-
DNF Therkildsen MariusTeam Giant Scatto U23 19Team Giant Scatto U23,,-
DNF Carbel MichaelStölting Service Group 21Stölting Service Group,,-
DNF Gaugl FlorianTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 25Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang,,-
DNF Gomez Juan AntonioDare Gobik 27Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Pung Peeter 19,,-
DNF Lorente CarlosDare Gobik 23Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Sergis KasparsAlpha Baltic - 23Alpha Baltic -,,-
DNF Bukdal JoakimTeam Giant Scatto U23 21Team Giant Scatto U23,,-
DNF Van Beusichem ThijsParkhotel Valkenburg CT 22Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,-
DNF English FelixMadison Genesis  23Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Schäfer TimoStradalli - Bike Aid 33Stradalli - Bike Aid,,-
DNF Cronshaw MathewMadison Genesis  27Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Räim MihkelCycling Academy Team 22Cycling Academy Team,,-
DNF Kornilovs VitalijsAlpha Baltic - 36Alpha Baltic -,,-
DNF Mata Juan JesusDare Gobik 30Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Paton Alex Pedal Heaven Race Team 26 Pedal Heaven Race Team,,-
DNF Merseburg DominikStradalli - Bike Aid 24Stradalli - Bike Aid,,-
DNF Viktorín VáclavAC Sparta Praha 22AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Valero JavierDare Gobik 21Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Domene AntonioDare Gobik 25Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Kiskonen Siim 19,,-
DNF Blain AlexandreMadison Genesis  35Madison Genesis ,,-
DNF Corell MadsTeam Giant Scatto U23 20Team Giant Scatto U23,,-
DNF Ryba JanAC Sparta Praha 21AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNF Mora SebastiánTeam Raleigh GAC 28Team Raleigh GAC,,-
DNF Lowsley-Williams JamesNFTO  24NFTO ,,-
DNF Schnapka MatthiasStradalli - Bike Aid 35Stradalli - Bike Aid,,-
DNF van Luijk SvenParkhotel Valkenburg CT 26Parkhotel Valkenburg CT,,-
DNF Lemarchand RomainStölting Service Group 28Stölting Service Group,,-
DNF Wieneroither MatthiasTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 25Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang,,-
DNF Martinez Juan JesusDare Gobik 23Dare Gobik,,-
DNF Bēcis ArmandsRietumu - Delfin 25Rietumu - Delfin,,-
DNF Meier AlexanderTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 24Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang,,-
DNF Nesveda JiříAC Sparta Praha 31AC Sparta Praha,,-
DNS Baldauf SebastianTeam Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 27Team Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 22nd May 2016
Avg. speed winner: 40.08 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Start/finish: Cardiff › Cardiff
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1


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