2019»Vuelta a la Comunitat Valenciana Feminas (1.2)

2019  One day race  »  Paterna  ›  Valencia   (88.3k)

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1 Kopecky LotteLotto Soudal Ladies 23Lotto Soudal Ladies40402:08:192:08:19
2 Barnes AliceCanyon SRAM Racing 23Canyon SRAM Racing3030,,0:00
3 Nguyễn Thị ThậtLotto Soudal Ladies 25Lotto Soudal Ladies2516,,0:00
4 Persico SilviaValcar Cylance Cycling 21Valcar Cylance Cycling2012,,0:00
5 Trevisi AnnaAlé Cipollini  26Alé Cipollini 1510,,0:00
6 Fournier RoxaneMovistar Team 27Movistar Team108,,0:00
7 Consonni ChiaraValcar Cylance Cycling 19Valcar Cylance Cycling56,,0:00
8 Koster ClaudiaWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 26WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling33,,0:00
9 Mustonen SaraHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 38Health Mate - Cyclelive Team3,,0:00
10 Barbieri RacheleBepink  21Bepink 3,,0:00
11 Sperotto Maria VittoriaBigla Pro Cycling 22Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:00
12 Martins MariaSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team,,0:00
13 Sanguineti IlariaValcar Cylance Cycling 24Valcar Cylance Cycling,,0:00
14 Francke Agnieta 29,,0:00
15 Vieceli LaraWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 25WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,0:00
16 Alonso SandraBizkaia Durango 20Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
17 Erić JelenaAlé Cipollini  23Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
18 Swinkels KarlijnAlé Cipollini  20Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
19 Paladin SorayaAlé Cipollini  25Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
20 Juniper Nicola 37,,0:00
21 Waterreus KylieHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 20Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:00
22 Verhulst GladysCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 22Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:00
23 Harris EllaCanyon SRAM Racing 20Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:00
24 Muccioli DaliaValcar Cylance Cycling 25Valcar Cylance Cycling,,0:00
25 Rodríguez GloriaMovistar Team 26Movistar Team,,0:00
26 Ludwig HannahCanyon SRAM Racing 18Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:00
27 Nuño Nerea 24,,0:00
28 Cromwell TiffanyCanyon SRAM Racing 30Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:00
29 Ragusa KatiaBepink  21Bepink ,,0:00
30 Lahaye LucieCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 21Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:00
31 Dom AnneliesLotto Soudal Ladies 32Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:00
32 Castrique AlanaLotto Soudal Ladies 19Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:00
33 Thomas LeahBigla Pro Cycling 29Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:00
34 Gafinovitz RotemCanyon SRAM Racing 26Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:00
35 Chabbey EliseBigla Pro Cycling 25Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:00
36 Elbusto AinaraBizkaia Durango 26Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
37 Santos SandraEneicat 26Eneicat,,0:00
38 Ludwig Cecilie UttrupBigla Pro Cycling 23Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:00
39 Nuño Aida 35,,0:00
40 Oyarbide LourdesMovistar Team 24Movistar Team,,0:00
41 Lechner Corinna 24,,0:00
42 Gutiérrez SheylaMovistar Team 25Movistar Team,,0:00
43 Peñuela DianaAlé Cipollini  32Alé Cipollini ,,0:00
44 Delbaere FienHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 22Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:00
45 Ehrler Desiree 27,,0:00
46 Rijkes SarahWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 27WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,0:00
47 Erath TanjaCanyon SRAM Racing 29Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:00
48 Pollicini SilviaValcar Cylance Cycling 20Valcar Cylance Cycling,,0:00
49 Grinczer NatalieBizkaia Durango 25Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
50 Pilote-Fortin GabrielleWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 25WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,0:00
51 Trevilla Sandra 26,,0:00
52 Ripoll TeresaMassi - Tactic Women Team 22Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:00
53 Morichon AnaisCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 19Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:00
54 Mendez Irene 26,,0:00
55 Bulleri AlessiaEneicat 25Eneicat,,0:00
56 Meisels EstherHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 23Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:00
57 Medveďová TerezaBepink  22Bepink ,,0:00
58 Koppenburg ClaraWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 23WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,0:00
59 Hanselmann NicoleBigla Pro Cycling 27Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:00
60 Laizane LijaEneicat 25Eneicat,,0:00
61 Martinez CristinaBizkaia Durango 23Bizkaia Durango,,0:00
62 Perchtold ChristinaHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 25Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,0:00
63 Zanardi SilviaBepink  18Bepink ,,0:00
64 Trias AriadnaSopela Women's Team 23Sopela Women's Team0:130:13
65 Bariani GiorgiaAlé Cipollini  18Alé Cipollini ,,0:13
66 Trias MireiaSopela Women's Team 18Sopela Women's Team,,0:13
67 Abgrall NoémieCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 19Charente-Maritime Women Cycling,,0:13
68 Groothuesheidkamp Lisa 22,,0:13
69 Teruel AlbaMovistar Team 22Movistar Team,,0:13
70 Moral SandraMassi - Tactic Women Team 27Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:13
71 Fraile AndreaEneicat 26Eneicat,,0:13
72 Santesteban AneWNT-Rotor Pro Cycling 28WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling,,0:13
73 Ferré NoemiMassi - Tactic Women Team 27Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:13
74 Hoffmann ChantalLotto Soudal Ladies 31Lotto Soudal Ladies,,0:13
75 Benito MireiaMassi - Tactic Women Team 22Massi - Tactic Women Team,,0:13
76 González AliciaMovistar Team 23Movistar Team,,0:13
77 Guderzo TatianaBepink  34Bepink 0:180:18
78 Perini ChiaraBepink  21Bepink ,,0:18
79 Isasi ZiortzaEneicat 23Eneicat0:200:20
80 Vigilia AlessiaValcar Cylance Cycling 19Valcar Cylance Cycling0:540:54
81 Sanmartin PaulaEneicat 21Eneicat1:331:33
82 Puentes Jenyffer Alejandra 1:391:39
83 Minaud ManonCharente-Maritime Women Cycling 20Charente-Maritime Women Cycling2:232:23
84 Martin SaraSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team2:342:34
DNF Garcia Katiusca --
DNF Martin IsabelBizkaia Durango 19Bizkaia Durango,,-
DNF Gisbert Raquel 27,,-
DNF López MargaHealth Mate - Cyclelive Team 21Health Mate - Cyclelive Team,,-
DNF González Bakarne ,,-
DNF Sopena Cecilia 32,,-
DNF Llabres ElisabetMassi - Tactic Women Team 21Massi - Tactic Women Team,,-
DNF Pozo Huertes Natalia ,,-
DNF Banks ElizabethBigla Pro Cycling 28Bigla Pro Cycling,,-
DNF van Oijen Alisa 26,,-
DNF Milone Barbara 35,,-
DNF Bonillo Sara 18,,-
DNF Escursell ElisabetMassi - Tactic Women Team 22Massi - Tactic Women Team,,-
DNF Pedrosa Diana ,,-
DNF Soler Cristina 20,,-
DNF Urabayen Mariola ,,-
DNF Vanhoutte FennaLotto Soudal Ladies 21Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
DNF Perez Elena 25,,-
DNF Ferreres IsabelSopela Women's Team 20Sopela Women's Team,,-
DNF Palacios Yamila Lorena 30,,-
DNF Gomiz Melisa 18,,-
DNF MuÑoz Esther ,,-
DNF Ibarrola LuisaBizkaia Durango 18Bizkaia Durango,,-
DNF Medina Maria 29,,-
DNF Moreno Roca AlexandraSopela Women's Team 19Sopela Women's Team,,-
DNF Serrano Natalia ,,-
DNF Martinez Sofia 17,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 10th February 2019
Avg. speed winner: 41.29 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Paterna › Valencia
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: F-1.2
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