12019-05-261 PRUride PHFELIPE Marcelo25
22019-04-067 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's CupFELIPE Marcelo20
32019-10-1911 Tour of PeninsularFELIPE Marcelo12
42019-11-105 Tour de SingkarakCARCUEVA Jonel8
52019-05-265 PRUride PHNAVARRA Junrey Janjan8
62019-04-195 Tour de Iskandar JohorPEREZ Dominic8
72019-05-266 PRUride PHCAMINGAO John Mark6
82019-11-071 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 6LIM Rustom5
92019-05-241 PRUride PH - Stage 1GROSPE Ismael Jr.5
102019-11-041 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 3GROSPE Ismael Jr.5
112019-11-061 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 5CARCUEVA Jonel5
122020-01-061 Cambodia Bay Cycling Tour - Stage 3QUITA Ronnilan5
132019-04-015 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup - Stage 1PEREZ Dominic4
142019-09-287 International Tour de Banyuwangi IjenCARCUEVA Jonel4
152019-11-107 Tour de SingkarakGROSPE Ismael Jr.4
162019-09-227 Tour de SiakCARCUEVA Jonel4
172019-10-175 Tour of Peninsular - Stage 3PEREZ Dominic4
182019-05-268 PRUride PHCARCUEVA Jonel3
192019-09-202 Tour de Siak - Stage 2MENDOZA Aidan James2
202019-09-262 International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen - Stage 2GROSPE Ismael Jr.2
212019-05-269 PRUride PHCARIÑO Daniel Ven2
222019-06-182 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 5PEREZ Dominic2
232019-11-092 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 8LIM Rustom2
242019-05-252 PRUride PH - Stage 2FELIPE Marcelo2
252019-06-162 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 3PEREZ Dominic2
262019-04-037 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup - Stage 3FELIPE Marcelo2
272019-06-163 Le Tour de Filipinas - Stage 3GALEDO Mark John Lexer1
282019-09-223 Tour de Siak - Stage 4MENDOZA Aidan James1
292019-04-028 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup - Stage 2PEREZ Dominic1
302019-04-183 Tour de Iskandar Johor - Stage 2PEREZ Dominic1
312019-08-2320 Tour of IndonesiaFELIPE Marcelo1
322019-11-103 Tour de Singkarak - Stage 9FELIPE Marcelo1
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