PCS Premium

In the first part of 2023 we are launching PCS PRO. What is it and for who is it?

What is PCS PRO?

PCS PRO is a paid subscription on ProCyclingStats, giving you access to an adfree website with extra statistics and filter options. We have underlined extra because we would like to stress that we don't put any of the common race, rider and team information behind a pay wall.

Why not everything for free?

There are three main reasons. The first is about navigation. We have around 500 statistical pages on the website with the most common and interesting statistics. Adding a lot of detailed and in-depth statistics will clutter the menus, making it harder for the common visitor to navigate the site. The second reason is that all these pages require maintenance and updating. When we add more and more in-depth statistics and analysis options, these would benefit a small group. Therefore we find it fair to ask for a yearly fee for this group. The third reason is that the premium subscription will give you an adfree website, which will reduce our advertisement revenue. The yearly subscription fee compensates for this.

For who is it?

Anyone can buy a PCS PRO subscribtion.