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151 Wild KirstenHitec Products 33Hitec Products1201501:28:121:28:12
276 Kessler NinaLensworld - Zannata 28Lensworld - Zannata100110,,,,
3191 Kirchmann LeahTeam Liv-Plantur 26Team Liv-Plantur8590,,,,
4161 Brand LucindaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 27Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team7080,,,,
573 Confalonieri Maria GiuliaLensworld - Zannata 23Lensworld - Zannata6070,,,,
6173 Numainville JoëlleCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 28Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling5060,,,,
7163 Koster AnouskaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 22Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team4055,,,,
811 Small CarmenCylance Pro Cycling 36Cylance Pro Cycling3550,,,,
93 Barnes HannahCanyon SRAM Racing 23Canyon SRAM Racing3045,,,,
1041 Barnes AliceDrops Cycling Team 21Drops Cycling Team2540,,,,
11151 Hosking ChloeWiggle High5 25Wiggle High52036,,,,
1221 Bastianelli MartaAlé Cipollini  29Alé Cipollini 1832,,,,
13102 Jeuland-Tranchant PascalePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 29Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.861628,,,,
1481 van den Bos JipParkhotel Valkenburg  20Parkhotel Valkenburg 1424,,,,
15101 Fournier RoxanePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 24Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.861220,,,,
16121 Sanguineti IlariaBepink  22Bepink 1016,,,,
1761 Roy SarahOrica - AIS 30Orica - AIS814,,,,
18105 Biannic AudePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 25Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86612,,,,
19165 Korevaar JeanneRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 19Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team410,,,,
20216 Radotic MiaBTC City Ljubljana 31BTC City Ljubljana28,,,,
21211 Bujak EugeniaBTC City Ljubljana 27BTC City Ljubljana6,,,,
22134 Ryan KendallTeam TIBCO -SVB 23Team TIBCO -SVB4,,,,
23153 Pieters AmyWiggle High5 25Wiggle High53,,,,
2491 Garner GracePodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 19Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa2,,,,
25192 Mackaij FloortjeTeam Liv-Plantur 20Team Liv-Plantur1,,,,
2671 Arzuffi Alice MariaLensworld - Zannata 21Lensworld - Zannata,,,,
272 Cromwell TiffanyCanyon SRAM Racing 28Canyon SRAM Racing,,,,
284 Ryan AlexisCanyon SRAM Racing 21Canyon SRAM Racing,,,,
29152 Garner LucyWiggle High5 21Wiggle High5,,,,
3033 Fidanza AriannaAstana Women's Team 21Astana Women's Team,,,,
3132 Drexel IngridAstana Women's Team 23Astana Women's Team,,,,
32115 Allar EricaRally Cycling Women 30Rally Cycling Women,,,,
33133 Kiesanowski JoanneTeam TIBCO -SVB 37Team TIBCO -SVB,,,,
3462 Allen JessicaOrica - AIS 23Orica - AIS,,,,
3563 Manly AlexandraOrica - AIS 20Orica - AIS,,,,
36181 Park AnnasleyGreat Britain 20Great Britain,,,,
37103 Duval EugéniePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 23Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86,,,,
38113 White EmmaRally Cycling Women 18Rally Cycling Women,,,,
39214 Lechner CorinnaBTC City Ljubljana 21BTC City Ljubljana,,,,
40112 Poidevin SaraRally Cycling Women 20Rally Cycling Women,,,,
41164 Gillow SharaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 28Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team,,,,
42212 Plichta AnnaBTC City Ljubljana 24BTC City Ljubljana,,,,
4375 Spoor WinandaLensworld - Zannata 25Lensworld - Zannata,,,,
4426 Jasinska Małgorzata Alé Cipollini  32Alé Cipollini ,,,,
45144 Van Den Steen KellyTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 20Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,,,
4653 Moberg EmilieHitec Products 25Hitec Products,,,,
4731 Bertizzolo SofiaAstana Women's Team 18Astana Women's Team,,,,
48143 Druyts JessyTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 22Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,,,
49215 Pintar UršaBTC City Ljubljana 30BTC City Ljubljana,,,,
50141 Druyts KellyTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 26Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,,,
51184 Jones HayleyGreat Britain 20Great Britain,,,,
52174 Pohl StephanieCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 28Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,,,
53155 Rowe DanielleWiggle High5 25Wiggle High5,,,,
5442 Durrell RebeccaDrops Cycling Team 27Drops Cycling Team,,,,
5594 Rose ClairePodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 29Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa,,,,
5613 Schweizer DorisCylance Pro Cycling 26Cylance Pro Cycling,,,,
5744 Womersley RebeccaDrops Cycling Team 23Drops Cycling Team,,,,
5845 Simpson AnnabelDrops Cycling Team 26Drops Cycling Team,,,,
5924 Tagliaferro MartaAlé Cipollini  26Alé Cipollini ,,,,
60193 Markus RiejanneTeam Liv-Plantur 21Team Liv-Plantur,,,,
61122 Medveďová TerezaBepink  20Bepink ,,,,
6285 Tromp EsraParkhotel Valkenburg  25Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,,,
63156 Hagiwara MayukoWiggle High5 29Wiggle High5,,,,
64196 Stijns KyaraTeam Liv-Plantur 20Team Liv-Plantur,,,,
65104 Demay CoraliePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 23Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86,,,,
6616 Barbieri RacheleCylance Pro Cycling 19Cylance Pro Cycling0:220:22
67171 Hanselmann NicoleCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 25Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:22
6866 Crooks JenelleOrica - AIS 22Orica - AIS,,0:22
6993 Laws SharonPodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 42Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa,,0:22
7035 Riberot FannyAstana Women's Team 33Astana Women's Team,,0:22
71146 Croket GilkeTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 23Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,0:22
72132 Hammes KathrinTeam TIBCO -SVB 27Team TIBCO -SVB,,0:22
7354 Leth JulieHitec Products 24Hitec Products,,0:22
74106 Rivat-Mas AmeliePoitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86 26Poitou-Charentes.Futuroscope.86,,0:22
7512 Gutiérrez SheylaCylance Pro Cycling 22Cylance Pro Cycling,,0:22
76185 Barker MeganGreat Britain 18Great Britain,,0:22
77135 Stephens LaurenTeam TIBCO -SVB 29Team TIBCO -SVB,,0:22
7896 Storey SarahPodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 38Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa,,0:22
7955 Thorsen TheaHitec Products 24Hitec Products,,0:22
80176 Klein LisaCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 20Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:22
811 Kröger MiekeCanyon SRAM Racing 23Canyon SRAM Racing,,0:22
82162 Knetemann RoxaneRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 29Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team,,0:22
83194 Slik RozanneTeam Liv-Plantur 25Team Liv-Plantur,,0:22
84195 Soek JuliaTeam Liv-Plantur 25Team Liv-Plantur,,0:22
85175 Koppenburg ClaraCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 20Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,0:22
8625 Alzini MartinaAlé Cipollini  19Alé Cipollini 0:400:40
8774 Polspoel MaaikeLensworld - Zannata 27Lensworld - Zannata0:430:43
88131 Hall LaurenTeam TIBCO -SVB 37Team TIBCO -SVB,,0:43
8986 Post JermaineParkhotel Valkenburg  24Parkhotel Valkenburg 0:550:55
90154 Roberts AmyWiggle High5 21Wiggle High51:231:23
9143 Van Twisk AbigailDrops Cycling Team 19Drops Cycling Team3:313:31
9222 Cucinotta AnnalisaAlé Cipollini  30Alé Cipollini ,,3:31
9352 Gunvaldsen JanickeHitec Products 35Hitec Products6:516:51
9492 Harris Elizabeth-JanePodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 28Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa7:087:08
95172 Lepistö LottaCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 27Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling8:288:28
9646 Shaw LucyDrops Cycling Team 19Drops Cycling Team,,8:28
97182 Lloyd ManonGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,8:28
98166 de Jong ThalitaRabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team 22Rabobank-Liv Woman Cycling Team,,8:28
99183 Dentus AbigailGreat Britain 19Great Britain,,8:28
100116 Ouellette CatherineRally Cycling Women 20Rally Cycling Women,,8:28
10115 Tetrick AlisonCylance Pro Cycling 31Cylance Pro Cycling,,8:28
102123 Bissolati ElenaBepink  19Bepink ,,8:28
103111 Fischer HeatherRally Cycling Women 27Rally Cycling Women,,8:28
104114 Prinner JessicaRally Cycling Women 23Rally Cycling Women,,8:28
10595 Moerig NicolePodium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa 32Podium Ambition Pro Cycling p/b Club la Santa,,8:28
106145 Druyts LennyTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 19Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,8:28
107142 Druyts DemmyTopsport Vlaanderen - Etixx 20Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx,,8:28
DNF73 Dom AnneliesLensworld - Zannata 30Lensworld - Zannata--
DNF83 Ensing JannekeParkhotel Valkenburg  29Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,-
DNF14 Scandolara ValentinaCylance Pro Cycling 26Cylance Pro Cycling,,-
DNF84 Stougje ChanellaParkhotel Valkenburg  19Parkhotel Valkenburg ,,-
DNF34 Pillon SaraAstana Women's Team 19Astana Women's Team,,-
DNF126 Nanni GiuliaBepink  19Bepink ,,-
DNF56 Hatteland Lima ToneHitec Products 36Hitec Products,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit

Race information

Date: 30th July 2016
Avg. speed winner: 44.9 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: London › London
PCS point scale: F-2.HCPrudential Ride London Grand Prix WE logo

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