2017»4th La Course by Le Tour de France (1.WWT)

2017  One day race  »  Briancon  ›  Izoard   (67.5k)

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1111 van Vleuten AnnemiekOrica-Scott 34Orica-Scott1201002:07:182:07:18
2161 Deignan ElizabethBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 28Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team100700:430:43
31 Longo Borghini ElisaWiggle High5 25Wiggle High585401:231:23
4162 Guarnier MeganBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 32Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team70301:281:28
534 Marche SharaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 29FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope60251:331:33
6115 Spratt AmandaOrica-Scott 29Orica-Scott50201:411:41
751 Stephens LaurenTeam TIBCO -SVB 30Team TIBCO -SVB40151:511:51
8196 Sanabria AnaServetto Giusta 27Servetto Giusta35102:242:24
921 Niewiadoma KatarzynaWM3 Energie 22WM3 Energie3092:522:52
10103 Nilsson HannaBTC City Ljubljana 25BTC City Ljubljana2583:043:04
1136 Yonamine EriFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 26FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope2073:123:12
1211 Moolman AshleighCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 31Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling1863:163:16
13141 Ensing JannekeAlé Cipollini  30Alé Cipollini 1653:383:38
1491 Stultiens SabrinaTeam Sunweb 24Team Sunweb1444:254:25
1592 Kirchmann LeahTeam Sunweb 27Team Sunweb1234:344:34
1643 Ferrand-Prévot PaulineCanyon SRAM Racing 25Canyon SRAM Racing10,,4:34
1715 Ludwig Cecilie UttrupCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 21Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling8,,4:34
18104 Pintar UršaBTC City Ljubljana 31BTC City Ljubljana6,,4:34
19165 Canuel Karol-AnnBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 29Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team44:504:50
20154 Ratto RossellaCylance Pro Cycling 23Cylance Pro Cycling25:085:08
2181 Nosková NikolaBepink Cogeas 20Bepink Cogeas,,5:08
22186 Villumsen LindaTeam Virtu Cycling Women 32Team Virtu Cycling Women5:155:15
 23 124 Pavlukhina OlenaAstana Womens Team 28Astana Womens Team5:195:19
23131 Aalerud KatrineHitec Products 22Hitec Products5:355:35
2454 Drexel IngridTeam TIBCO -SVB 23Team TIBCO -SVB5:515:51
2574 Riabchenko TetyanaLensworld - Kuota 27Lensworld - Kuota6:006:00
2693 Labous JulietteTeam Sunweb 18Team Sunweb6:486:48
27143 Santesteban AneAlé Cipollini  26Alé Cipollini 6:586:58
2871 Guderzo TatianaLensworld - Kuota 32Lensworld - Kuota7:257:25
295 Lichtenberg ClaudiaWiggle High5 31Wiggle High5,,7:25
30122 Bertizzolo SofiaAstana Womens Team 19Astana Womens Team,,7:25
312 Cordon-Ragot AudreyWiggle High5 27Wiggle High57:297:29
32102 Batagelj PolonaBTC City Ljubljana 28BTC City Ljubljana7:327:32
33192 Christoforou AntriServetto Giusta 25Servetto Giusta7:467:46
34113 Manly AlexandraOrica-Scott 21Orica-Scott8:128:12
35101 Bujak EugeniaBTC City Ljubljana 28BTC City Ljubljana8:228:22
36152 Jasinska MałgorzataCylance Pro Cycling 33Cylance Pro Cycling8:288:28
37145 Taylor CarleeAlé Cipollini  28Alé Cipollini 8:378:37
3833 Eraud SéverineFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 22FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope8:558:55
3955 Hammes KathrinTeam TIBCO -SVB 28Team TIBCO -SVB9:099:09
40184 Møllebro CamillaTeam Virtu Cycling Women 33Team Virtu Cycling Women9:149:14
41163 Blaak ChantalBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 27Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team9:299:29
42126 Vieceli LaraAstana Womens Team 24Astana Womens Team9:349:34
43114 Neylan RachelOrica-Scott 35Orica-Scott9:499:49
4414 Koppenburg ClaraCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 21Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling10:0410:04
4582 Jackson AlisonBepink Cogeas 28Bepink Cogeas10:1210:12
OTL105 Radotić MiaBTC City Ljubljana 32BTC City Ljubljana--
OTL203 Lahaye LucieFrance 19France,,-
OTL56 Walle BriannaTeam TIBCO -SVB 33Team TIBCO -SVB,,-
OTL182 Bloch-Davidov ShaniTeam Virtu Cycling Women 38Team Virtu Cycling Women,,-
OTL146 Ragazinskiene DaivaAlé Cipollini  31Alé Cipollini ,,-
OTL35 Guilman VictorieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 21FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,-
OTL171 Rivat-Mas AmelieLares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team 27Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team,,-
OTL12 Hanselmann NicoleCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 26Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,-
OTL85 Shamanova TatianaBepink Cogeas 25Bepink Cogeas,,-
OTL194 Fernandes ClemildaServetto Giusta 38Servetto Giusta,,-
OTL64 Moonen PuckLotto Soudal Ladies 21Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
OTL166 Majerus ChristineBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 30Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team,,-
OTL106 Žigart UrškaBTC City Ljubljana 20BTC City Ljubljana,,-
OTL132 Becker CharlotteHitec Products 34Hitec Products,,-
OTL24 Koster AnouskaWM3 Energie 23WM3 Energie,,-
OTL52 Albrecht LexTeam TIBCO -SVB 30Team TIBCO -SVB,,-
OTL204 Leleu FannyFrance 28France,,-
OTL73 Hannes KaatLensworld - Kuota 25Lensworld - Kuota,,-
OTL183 Koster ClaudiaTeam Virtu Cycling Women 25Team Virtu Cycling Women,,-
OTL151 Gutiérrez SheylaCylance Pro Cycling 23Cylance Pro Cycling,,-
OTL41 Cecchini ElenaCanyon SRAM Racing 25Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
OTL116 Williams GeorgiaOrica-Scott 23Orica-Scott,,-
OTL13 Klein LisaCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 21Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,-
OTL86 Valsecchi SilviaBepink Cogeas 35Bepink Cogeas,,-
OTL195 Lozano Laura CamilaServetto Giusta 30Servetto Giusta,,-
OTL63 Daams JessieLotto Soudal Ladies 27Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
OTL206 Sicot MarionFrance 25France,,-
OTL112 Crooks JenelleOrica-Scott 23Orica-Scott,,-
OTL133 Gaskjenn IngvildHitec Products 19Hitec Products,,-
OTL26 Scandolara ValentinaWM3 Energie 27WM3 Energie,,-
OTL46 Thorvilson LeahCanyon SRAM Racing 38Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
OTL205 Muller CyrianeFrance 28France,,-
OTL75 Verschelden NathalieLensworld - Kuota 22Lensworld - Kuota,,-
OTL185 Penton SaraTeam Virtu Cycling Women 28Team Virtu Cycling Women,,-
OTL153 Knol WillekeCylance Pro Cycling 26Cylance Pro Cycling,,-
OTL42 Cromwell TiffanyCanyon SRAM Racing 29Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
OTL121 Beggin SofiaAstana Womens Team 19Astana Womens Team,,-
OTL16 Perchtold ChristinaCervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling 24Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling,,-
OTL94 Slik RozanneTeam Sunweb 26Team Sunweb,,-
OTL201 Bazin MarjolaineFrance 31France,,-
OTL62 Beckers IsabelleLotto Soudal Ladies 34Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
OTL175 Reis DanielaLares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team 24Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team,,-
OTL134 Johnsen Cecilie GotaasHitec Products 41Hitec Products,,-
OTL31 Bravard CharlotteFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 25FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,-
OTL45 Ryan AlexisCanyon SRAM Racing 22Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
OTL174 Inghelbrecht SarahLares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team 24Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team,,-
OTL83 Medveďová TerezaBepink Cogeas 21Bepink Cogeas,,-
OTL191 Potokina AnnaServetto Giusta 30Servetto Giusta,,-
OTL155 Tagliaferro MartaCylance Pro Cycling 27Cylance Pro Cycling,,-
OTL44 Guarischi BarbaraCanyon SRAM Racing 26Canyon SRAM Racing,,-
OTL123 Iskakova AmiliyaAstana Womens Team 22Astana Womens Team,,-
OTL22 Vos MarianneWM3 Energie 30WM3 Energie,,-
OTL95 Soek JuliaTeam Sunweb 26Team Sunweb,,-
OTL202 Asencio LauraFrance 19France,,-
OTL61 Van De Velde JulieLotto Soudal Ladies 24Lotto Soudal Ladies,,-
OTL181 Neben AmberTeam Virtu Cycling Women 42Team Virtu Cycling Women,,-
OTL142 Paladin SorayaAlé Cipollini  24Alé Cipollini ,,-
OTL32 Biannic AudeFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 26FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope,,-
OTL173 Docx MiekeLares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team 21Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team,,-
OTL6 Roberts AmyWiggle High5 22Wiggle High5,,-
OTL84 Ragusa KatiaBepink Cogeas 20Bepink Cogeas,,-
OTL193 Dobrynina KseniyaServetto Giusta 23Servetto Giusta,,-
OTL164 Brammeier NikkiBoels - Dolmans Cycling Team 30Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team,,-
OTL3 Cure AmyWiggle High5 24Wiggle High5,,-
OTL72 Arzuffi Alice MariaLensworld - Kuota 22Lensworld - Kuota,,-
OTL125 Saifutdinova NatalyaAstana Womens Team 28Astana Womens Team,,-
OTL23 Kitchen LaurenWM3 Energie 26WM3 Energie,,-
DNF53 Bruderer NicolleTeam TIBCO -SVB 23Team TIBCO -SVB,,-
DNF96 Weaver MollyTeam Sunweb 23Team Sunweb,,-
DNF144 Stefani MartinaAlé Cipollini  18Alé Cipollini ,,-
DNF4 van der Haar LucyWiggle High5 22Wiggle High5,,-
DNF172 Cobb AliceLares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team 21Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling team,,-
DNF25 Plichta AnnaWM3 Energie 25WM3 Energie,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

La Course by Le Tour de France logoDate: 20th July 2017
Avg. speed winner: 31.81 km/h
Race category: Woman Elite
Start/finish: Briancon › Izoard
Parcours type: 100*
PCS point scale: F-CDM

Race profile

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