2018»Grote prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré (1.1)

2018  One day race  »  Ypres  ›  Roeselare   (192.9k)

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192 Looij AndréMonkey Town Continental Team 23Monkey Town Continental Team125754:12:464:12:46
2103 Barbier PierreRoubaix Lille Métropole 20Roubaix Lille Métropole8555,,0:00
312 Dehaes KennyWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  33WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 7040,,0:00
483 Havik YoeriVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 27Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team6032,,0:00
57 Weemaes SashaSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 20Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise5028,,0:00
6123 Krieger AlexanderLeopard Pro Cycling  26Leopard Pro Cycling 4024,,0:00
775 Nõmmela AkselBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 3520,,0:00
844 Joseph ThomasMarlux - Bingoal 21Marlux - Bingoal3018,,0:00
92 De Vylder LindsaySport Vlaanderen - Baloise 23Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise2516,,0:00
10125 Pons GaëtanLeopard Pro Cycling  26Leopard Pro Cycling 2014,,0:00
11116 Vermeer TomTeam Differdange - Losch 32Team Differdange - Losch1512,,0:00
1256 Lewis AdamT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon1010,,0:00
1341 de Clercq AngeloMarlux - Bingoal 26Marlux - Bingoal58,,0:00
144 Noppe ChristopheSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 23Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise57,,0:00
153 Farazijn MaximeSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise56,,0:00
1672 Havik PiotrBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club 35,,0:00
17112 Donders JelleTeam Differdange - Losch 25Team Differdange - Losch34,,0:00
18182 Nowell MattCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg33,,0:00
19176 White NicholasOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food32,,0:00
2031 Cant JelleTarteletto - Isorex 26Tarteletto - Isorex31,,0:00
21136 Legley MatthiasSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever3,,0:00
22117 Winter LaurinTeam Differdange - Losch 21Team Differdange - Losch3,,0:00
2361 De Winter GordonAGO-Aqua Service 21AGO-Aqua Service3,,0:00
24104 Leroux SamuelRoubaix Lille Métropole 23Roubaix Lille Métropole3,,0:00
2584 Kooijman JaapVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 25Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team3,,0:00
2662 Debuy AnthonyAGO-Aqua Service 22AGO-Aqua Service,,0:00
27127 Spengler MarioLeopard Pro Cycling  20Leopard Pro Cycling ,,0:00
28172 Bolton ThomasOliver's Real Food 19Oliver's Real Food,,0:00
2936 Stockman MichielTarteletto - Isorex 21Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
30157 Ward TristanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,0:00
31165 Magennis LiamDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling,,0:00
3242 Debeir ArnoMarlux - Bingoal 18Marlux - Bingoal,,0:00
3357 Pagnaer ArthurT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 23T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,0:00
34142 Autran José EduardoStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,0:00
35126 Reynders JensLeopard Pro Cycling  20Leopard Pro Cycling ,,0:00
3663 Goebeert PierreAGO-Aqua Service 21AGO-Aqua Service,,0:00
375 Planckaert EmielSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 21Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,0:00
3837 Tzortzakis PolychronisTarteletto - Isorex 29Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
3933 De Rooze NielsTarteletto - Isorex 25Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
40133 Deriaux FlorianSovac - Natura4Ever 28Sovac - Natura4Ever,,0:00
4115 Six FranklinWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  21WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,0:00
4253 Haag GuillaumeT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 28T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,0:00
43107 Vermeulen EmielRoubaix Lille Métropole 25Roubaix Lille Métropole,,0:00
44124 Leyder PitLeopard Pro Cycling  21Leopard Pro Cycling ,,0:00
45131 Rebellin DavideSovac - Natura4Ever 46Sovac - Natura4Ever,,0:00
4645 Pauwels KevinMarlux - Bingoal 34Marlux - Bingoal,,0:00
47134 Evrard LaurentSovac - Natura4Ever 27Sovac - Natura4Ever,,0:00
4866 Tasset MarvinAGO-Aqua Service 20AGO-Aqua Service,,0:00
49115 Thill TomTeam Differdange - Losch 28Team Differdange - Losch,,0:00
5054 Kørner Max EmilT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 27T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,0:00
51143 Bazan Oscar NehuenStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,0:00
52161 Bondarenko-Edwards SaschaDrapac EF Cycling 24Drapac EF Cycling,,0:00
5374 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  20BEAT Cycling Club ,,0:00
5435 Boussaer BryanTarteletto - Isorex 21Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
5552 Slagmulders YorickT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 22T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon,,0:00
56102 Gouault PierreRoubaix Lille Métropole 25Roubaix Lille Métropole,,0:00
57144 Gonzales André AlexanderStart Team Gusto 19Start Team Gusto,,0:00
5891 Bakker StephanMonkey Town Continental Team 24Monkey Town Continental Team,,0:00
59183 Christensen RyanCanyon Eisberg 21Canyon Eisberg,,0:00
60121 Brockhoff JanLeopard Pro Cycling  23Leopard Pro Cycling ,,0:00
61164 Kent-spark OliverDrapac EF Cycling 25Drapac EF Cycling,,0:00
62113 Verwaest KevinTeam Differdange - Losch 29Team Differdange - Losch,,0:00
63163 Kaesler TomDrapac EF Cycling 23Drapac EF Cycling,,0:00
64105 Seynaeve LanderRoubaix Lille Métropole 26Roubaix Lille Métropole0:150:15
6532 Boucher DavidTarteletto - Isorex 38Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:15
6682 Bovenhuis JasperVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 26Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team0:190:19
6764 Molly KennyAGO-Aqua Service 21AGO-Aqua Service,,0:19
681 De Ketele KennySport Vlaanderen - Baloise 33Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,0:19
696 Van Hecke PrebenSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 35Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,0:19
7051 Andersson AndreasT.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon 18T.Palm - Pole Continental Wallon0:250:25
71152 Elliott NathanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 27Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,0:25
72151 Christie-Johnston AlastairBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 20Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,0:25
7396 van der Veekens MelMonkey Town Continental Team 19Monkey Town Continental Team,,0:25
7494 Pluto MartinsMonkey Town Continental Team 20Monkey Town Continental Team,,0:25
7595 van Breda RickMonkey Town Continental Team 28Monkey Town Continental Team0:280:28
7617 Duquennoy JimmyWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  23WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic ,,0:28
77154 Lake SeanBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 26Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team0:360:36
78185 Stedman MaximilianCanyon Eisberg 22Canyon Eisberg0:430:43
79101 Dernies TomRoubaix Lille Métropole 27Roubaix Lille Métropole,,0:43
8047 Vanthourenhout DieterMarlux - Bingoal 33Marlux - Bingoal0:490:49
8146 Pauwels TijlMarlux - Bingoal 19Marlux - Bingoal1:031:03
8216 Stassen JulienWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  29WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 1:111:11
8311 De Winter LudwigWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  25WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 1:271:27
8413 Masson ChristopheWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  32WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 1:331:33
85122 Geßner KonradLeopard Pro Cycling  22Leopard Pro Cycling 1:501:50
8614 Robeet LudovicWB Aqua Protect Veranclassic  24WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic 2:452:45
DNF34 Verhelst LouisTarteletto - Isorex 27Tarteletto - Isorex--
DNF155 Porter AlexanderBennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team 22Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team,,-
DNF76 Tietema BasBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF184 Rose-Davies LouisCanyon Eisberg 19Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF111 Catania ClaudioTeam Differdange - Losch 26Team Differdange - Losch,,-
DNF65 Taminiaux LionelAGO-Aqua Service 22AGO-Aqua Service,,-
DNF162 Burt PatrickDrapac EF Cycling 22Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF77 Van Dyck WesleyBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF187 Lowsley-Williams JamesCanyon Eisberg 26Canyon Eisberg,,-
DNF145 Espinoza Ignacio AlejandroStart Team Gusto 18Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF67 Paquot TomAGO-Aqua Service 18AGO-Aqua Service,,-
DNF166 Monk CyrusDrapac EF Cycling 21Drapac EF Cycling,,-
DNF85 Stroetinga WimVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 33Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF137 Stenuit RobinSovac - Natura4Ever 28Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF146 Musie SaymonStart Team Gusto 20Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF71 Desale NahomBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF171 Andrews BenjaminOliver's Real Food 21Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF86 Duvigneau BeauVlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team 23Vlasman Track/Road Continental Cycling Team,,-
DNF132 Deguide LouisSovac - Natura4Ever 24Sovac - Natura4Ever,,-
DNF147 Villanueva IgnacioStart Team Gusto 21Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF73 Maas DannyBEAT Cycling Club  19BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF174 Pearce CallumOliver's Real Food 20Oliver's Real Food,,-
DNF97 van Rhee JoeyMonkey Town Continental Team 25Monkey Town Continental Team,,-
DNS106 Tronet StevenRoubaix Lille Métropole 31Roubaix Lille Métropole,,-
DNS141 De Vos GertjanStart Team Gusto 26Start Team Gusto,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 7th July 2018
Avg. speed winner: 45.79 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1
Start/finish: Ypres Roeselare

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33 pnt
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