Canyon dhb p/b Soreen (CT)»2020

12020-02-23 Tour of AntalyaSTEDMAN Maximilian1100
22019-08-11 Slag om NorgSTEWART Thomas255
32019-06-22 Heylen Vastgoed Heistse PijlTOWNSEND Rory340
42019-03-30 Classic Loire AtlantiqueTOWNSEND Rory340
52019-11-20 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 4TOWNSEND Rory120
62019-08-11 Slag om NorgCHRISTENSEN Ryan720
72019-08-25 Schaal Sels Merksem / Johan Museeuw ClassicCHRISTENSEN Ryan720
82019-11-18 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 2TOWNSEND Rory120
92019-05-30 Circuit de WallonieSTEWART Thomas818
102019-04-20 Arno Wallaard MemorialRICHARDSON Alexander115
112019-06-02 Tour de la MirabellePEARSON Daniel411
122019-08-18 La Poly NormandeCOLMAN Alex1210
132019-11-23 Tour of FuzhouSTEDMAN Maximilian1210
142020-03-08 Dorpenomloop RucphenJONES Brenton210
152019-05-26 Grote Prijs Marcel KintMCCARTHY Robert-Jon1210
162019-06-09 Memorial Philippe Van ConingslooTOWNSEND Rory210
172019-06-10 Ronde van LimburgTOWNSEND Rory138
182019-08-20 GP Stad ZottegemCOLMAN Alex138
192019-03-30 Classic Loire AtlantiqueSTEWART Thomas138
202020-02-22 Tour of Antalya - Stage 3STEDMAN Maximilian37
212019-04-28 Rutland - Melton Cicle ClassicTOWNSEND Rory37
222019-11-18 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 2PAGE Charles37
232020-03-08 Dorpenomloop RucphenBOSTOCK Matthew37
242019-06-09 Memorial Philippe Van ConingslooPAGE Charles37
252019-11-19 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 3PAGE Charles37
262019-05-03 Tour de Yorkshire - Stage 2TENNANT Andrew47
272019-08-11 Slag om NorgCOLMAN Alex156
282019-05-26 Grote Prijs Marcel KintCHRISTENSEN Ryan156
292019-06-01 Tour de la Mirabelle - Stage 2PEARSON Daniel15
302019-06-02 Tour de la Mirabelle - Stage 3RICHARDSON Alexander15
312020-02-21 Tour of Antalya - Stage 2TOWNSEND Rory54
322020-03-08 Grote prijs Jean-Pierre MonseréTOWNSEND Rory174
332019-06-30 National Championships Ireland - Road RaceTOWNSEND Rory44
342019-03-31 Cholet - Pays de la LoireHENNESSY Jacob174
352019-11-23 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 7TOWNSEND Rory54
362019-08-21 Veenendaal-Veenendaal ClassicBOSTOCK Matthew174
372019-11-22 Tour of Fuzhou - Stage 6STEDMAN Maximilian63
382019-11-23 Tour of FuzhouTOWNSEND Rory183
392019-05-26 Grote Prijs Marcel KintSTEWART Thomas183
402020-02-02 Trofeo Playa de Palma - PalmaSCOTT Jacob183
412019-08-25 Schaal Sels Merksem / Johan Museeuw ClassicTENNANT Andrew183
422020-02-01 Pollença - AndratxSTEDMAN Maximilian201
432019-05-05 Tour de YorkshireSTEDMAN Maximilian251
442019-05-04 Ronde van OverijsselRICHARDSON Alexander61
452020-02-23 Tour of Antalya - Stage 4TENNANT Andrew81
462019-06-30 National Championships Great Britain - Road RaceRICHARDSON Alexander61
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