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The purpose of the game is to score points by predicting which riders will finish in the top 10. You can select between 2 and 5 riders per race and allocate 7 stars among them. The number of stars you assigned to a rider is multiplied by the points a rider scored in the race.

Riders in the top-10 of the result are awarded the following points.
Position in result Points
1.10 points
2.9 points
3.8 points
4.7 points
5.6 points
6.5 points
7.4 points
8.3 points
9.2 points
10.1 points

For each extra rider you have predicted in the top-10, you earn 10 bonus points. So if you have 5 riders and they finish all within the top-10, you earn 40 bonus points. If you have 1 rider in the top-10, you get no bonus points. View point examples



Full Season Standing

Over the complete season a ranking will be computed, which is a summation of points scored in all the game you compete in.  
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