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186 De Gendt AiméWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 25Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team125754:16:594:16:59
21 Merlier TimCorendon - Circus 26Corendon - Circus85550:070:07
384 Dupont TimothyWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 31Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team7040,,0:07
494 Havik PiotrBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club 60320:100:10
513 Hepburn MichaelMitchelton-Scott 28Mitchelton-Scott50280:200:20
625 Räim MihkelIsrael Cycling Academy 26Israel Cycling Academy4024,,0:20
751 Terpstra NikiTeam Total Direct Energie 35Team Total Direct Energie3520,,0:20
837 van Schip Jan-WillemRoompot - Charles 25Roompot - Charles30180:340:34
9112 Gate AaronEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing2516,,0:34
1031 Asselman JesperRoompot - Charles 29Roompot - Charles2014,,0:34
1112 Groves KadenMitchelton-Scott 20Mitchelton-Scott1512,,0:34
1241 Allegaert PietSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise1010,,0:34
13122 de Kleijn ArvidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel58,,0:34
142 Jans RoyCorendon - Circus 28Corendon - Circus57,,0:34
15153 Joseph ThomasTarteletto - Isorex 22Tarteletto - Isorex56,,0:34
1623 Neilands KristsIsrael Cycling Academy 25Israel Cycling Academy35,,0:34
1724 Dempster ZakIsrael Cycling Academy 31Israel Cycling Academy34,,0:34
18103 Märkl NiklasDevelopment Team Sunweb 20Development Team Sunweb33,,0:34
1962 De Backer BertVital Concept - B&B Hotels 35Vital Concept - B&B Hotels32,,0:34
20135 Slik IvarMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 26Monkey Town - à Bloc CT31,,0:34
2172 Mortier JulienWallonie-Bruxelles 22Wallonie-Bruxelles3,,0:34
2234 Leysen SenneRoompot - Charles 23Roompot - Charles3,,0:34
23156 Stockman MichielTarteletto - Isorex 23Tarteletto - Isorex3,,0:34
2415 Juul-Jensen ChristopherMitchelton-Scott 30Mitchelton-Scott3,,0:34
2532 Boom LarsRoompot - Charles 33Roompot - Charles3,,0:34
26115 Sweeny HarryEvoPro Racing 21EvoPro Racing,,0:34
276 Rickaert JonasCorendon - Circus 25Corendon - Circus,,0:34
2876 Spengler LukasWallonie-Bruxelles 24Wallonie-Bruxelles,,0:34
2921 Boivin GuillaumeIsrael Cycling Academy 30Israel Cycling Academy1:321:32
30175 Pattyn JeroenTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa2:112:11
31163 Dieleman MichielCibel 29Cibel,,2:11
3296 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  22BEAT Cycling Club 2:232:23
33154 Goeman JonasTarteletto - Isorex 26Tarteletto - Isorex,,2:23
3493 Coolen YvesBEAT Cycling Club  23BEAT Cycling Club 2:312:31
35104 Naberman TimDevelopment Team Sunweb 20Development Team Sunweb3:453:45
36126 Ottema RickMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 27Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,3:45
3775 Six FranklinWallonie-Bruxelles 22Wallonie-Bruxelles,,3:45
3826 Schreurs HamishIsrael Cycling Academy 25Israel Cycling Academy5:355:35
39167 Reynaerts WimCibel 24Cibel,,5:35
4073 Nõmmela AkselWallonie-Bruxelles 24Wallonie-Bruxelles5:425:42
4195 Hoeyberghs DaanBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club ,,5:42
42113 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing7:277:27
43134 Pluto MartinsMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 21Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,7:27
44151 Boucher DavidTarteletto - Isorex 39Tarteletto - Isorex,,7:27
4581 Backaert FrederikWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 29Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,7:27
4633 Timmermans JustinRoompot - Charles 22Roompot - Charles,,7:27
4727 Turek DanielIsrael Cycling Academy 26Israel Cycling Academy,,7:27
4842 Planckaert EdwardSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,7:27
49123 Dekker DavidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 21Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,7:27
5011 Albasini MichaelMitchelton-Scott 38Mitchelton-Scott,,7:27
5182 De Winter LudwigWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 26Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,7:27
5263 Ermenault CorentinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 23Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,7:27
533 Meisen MarcelCorendon - Circus 30Corendon - Circus,,7:27
DNF127 van Bakel RobbieMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel--
DNF52 Cardis RomainTeam Total Direct Energie 27Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF67 Lecroq JérémyVital Concept - B&B Hotels 24Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF155 Van Dingenen JordiTarteletto - Isorex 23Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF174 Muller GabrielTeam Differdange - GeBa 33Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF97 Seye GuillaumeBEAT Cycling Club  22BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF116 Koning PeterEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF35 Steels StijnRoompot - Charles 30Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF164 Eyskens JeroenCibel 26Cibel,,-
DNF102 Maas EdoDevelopment Team Sunweb 19Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF83 Beullens CédricWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 22Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF165 Debruyne GlennCibel 24Cibel,,-
DNF105 Salmon MartinDevelopment Team Sunweb 21Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF5 van der Poel DavidCorendon - Circus 27Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF125 Van Dalen JasonMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF47 Warlop JordiSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 23Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF66 Müller PatrickVital Concept - B&B Hotels 23Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF152 Sefa YlberTarteletto - Isorex 28Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF92 Bugter LuucBEAT Cycling Club  26BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF173 Rózsa BalázsTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF114 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 23EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF22 Jensen AugustIsrael Cycling Academy 28Israel Cycling Academy,,-
DNF101 Katerberg BenDevelopment Team Sunweb 19Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF136 van Breda RickMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 29Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,-
DNF77 Taminiaux LionelWallonie-Bruxelles 23Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF162 Deprez TuurCibel 23Cibel,,-
DNF141 Autran José EduardoStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF4 Benoist AntoineCorendon - Circus 20Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF124 Marsman TimMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 18Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF45 Van Hecke PrebenSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 37Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF65 Mottier JustinVital Concept - B&B Hotels 25Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF145 Villanueva IgnacioStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF91 Budding MartijnBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF172 Deguide LouisTeam Differdange - GeBa 25Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF111 Alafaci EugenioEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF17 Scotson CallumMitchelton-Scott 23Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF133 van der Veekens MelMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 20Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,-
DNF54 Petit AdrienTeam Total Direct Energie 28Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF74 Robeet LudovicWallonie-Bruxelles 25Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF161 Coenen DennisCibel 27Cibel,,-
DNF142 Bazan Oscar NehuenStart Cycling Team 19Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF55 Pichot AlexandreTeam Total Direct Energie 36Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF121 Bootsveld JelleMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 19Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,-
DNF44 Van Gompel MathiasSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 23Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF61 Boeckmans KrisVital Concept - B&B Hotels 32Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF144 Javelly LuisStart Cycling Team 21Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF87 Van Melsen KévinWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 32Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF171 Da Silva TiagoTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF107 Wacker Ludvig AntonDevelopment Team Sunweb 19Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF16 Peák BarnabásMitchelton-Scott 20Mitchelton-Scott,,-
DNF132 Kleiman WimMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 26Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,-
DNF53 Grellier FabienTeam Total Direct Energie 24Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF71 Wirtgen LucWallonie-Bruxelles 21Wallonie-Bruxelles,,-
DNF157 Van Den Brande JulienTarteletto - Isorex 24Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF143 Quintero LeonelStart Cycling Team 22Start Cycling Team,,-
DNF56 Turgis AnthonyTeam Total Direct Energie 25Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF117 O'Mahony DaraghEvoPro Racing 21EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF36 van Ginneken SjoerdRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF57 Gaudin DamienTeam Total Direct Energie 33Team Total Direct Energie,,-
DNF176 Petelin JanTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF85 Devriendt TomWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 27Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF166 Stevens TimothyCibel 30Cibel,,-
DNF106 Sinschek NilsDevelopment Team Sunweb 21Development Team Sunweb,,-
DNF7 Cle BrentCorendon - Circus 23Corendon - Circus,,-
DNS64 Garel AdrienVital Concept - B&B Hotels 23Vital Concept - B&B Hotels,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Date: 8th September 2019
Avg. speed winner: 43.66 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1
Start/finish: Antwerp Antwerp

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98 pnt
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