2019»49th Tacx Pro Classic / Ronde van Zeeland (1.1)

2019  One day race  »  Middelburg  ›  Neeltje Jans   (204.6k)

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11 Groenewegen DylanTeam Jumbo-Visma 26Team Jumbo-Visma125754:29:184:29:18
215 Viviani EliaDeceuninck - Quick Step 30Deceuninck - Quick Step8555,,0:00
3122 de Kleijn ArvidMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel7040,,0:00
44 Teunissen MikeTeam Jumbo-Visma 27Team Jumbo-Visma6032,,0:00
546 Noppe ChristopheSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 24Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise5028,,0:00
664 Jans RoyCorendon - Circus 29Corendon - Circus4024,,0:00
737 Pasqualon AndreaWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 31Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team3520,,0:00
8127 Van Dalen JasonMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 25Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel3018,,0:00
952 Fortin FilippoCofidis, Solutions Crédits 30Cofidis, Solutions Crédits2516,,0:00
1057 Waeytens ZicoCofidis, Solutions Crédits 28Cofidis, Solutions Crédits2014,,0:00
1161 De Bondt DriesCorendon - Circus 28Corendon - Circus1512,,0:00
1281 Coolen YvesBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club 1010,,0:00
1372 Cardis RomainTeam Total Direct Energie 27Team Total Direct Energie58,,0:00
1485 Havik PiotrBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club 57,,0:00
15153 Joseph ThomasTarteletto - Isorex 22Tarteletto - Isorex56,,0:00
1666 van Trijp MaartenCorendon - Circus 26Corendon - Circus35,,0:00
17111 Banusch RichardLKT Team Brandenburg 21LKT Team Brandenburg34,,0:00
18132 de Jonge MaartenMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 34Monkey Town - à Bloc CT33,,0:00
19186 Kulbe LarsTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 19Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY32,,0:00
2065 Cle BrentCorendon - Circus 23Corendon - Circus31,,0:00
2197 Vermeltfoort CoenAlecto Cycling Team  31Alecto Cycling Team 3,,0:00
2253 Hofstetter HugoCofidis, Solutions Crédits 25Cofidis, Solutions Crédits3,,0:00
2375 Bonifazio NiccolòTeam Total Direct Energie 25Team Total Direct Energie3,,0:00
24103 Feeley DaireEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing3,,0:00
253 Roosen TimoTeam Jumbo-Visma 26Team Jumbo-Visma3,,0:00
26155 Stockman MichielTarteletto - Isorex 23Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
2726 Steels StijnRoompot - Charles 30Roompot - Charles,,0:00
28151 Boussaer BryanTarteletto - Isorex 22Tarteletto - Isorex,,0:00
2954 Mathis MarcoCofidis, Solutions Crédits 25Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,0:00
30191 Van Den Dool KelvinVlasman CT 23Vlasman CT,,0:00
31177 Winter LaurinTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,0:00
3216 Sénéchal FlorianDeceuninck - Quick Step 26Deceuninck - Quick Step,,0:00
3371 Bernard EnzoTeam Total Direct Energie 21Team Total Direct Energie,,0:00
3441 Deltombe KevinSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 25Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,0:00
35121 Bax SjoerdMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 23Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,0:00
36115 Werner FranzLKT Team Brandenburg 19LKT Team Brandenburg,,0:00
37133 van der Kooij BasMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 23Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,0:00
38112 Bockelmann LucaLKT Team Brandenburg 19LKT Team Brandenburg,,0:00
39102 Monk CyrusEvoPro Racing 22EvoPro Racing,,0:00
4017 Steimle JannikDeceuninck - Quick Step 23Deceuninck - Quick Step0:110:11
41126 Krul StefMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 24Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,0:11
4296 Van Sintmaartensdijk DaanAlecto Cycling Team  21Alecto Cycling Team ,,0:11
4395 Peters ArneAlecto Cycling Team  23Alecto Cycling Team 0:130:13
446 van Emden JosTeam Jumbo-Visma 34Team Jumbo-Visma0:140:14
4582 Budding MartijnBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club 0:280:28
46117 Taebling PaulLKT Team Brandenburg 19LKT Team Brandenburg0:310:31
4713 Honoré Mikkel FrølichDeceuninck - Quick Step 22Deceuninck - Quick Step0:340:34
485 van der Hoorn TacoTeam Jumbo-Visma 25Team Jumbo-Visma,,0:34
49143 Hartley AdamSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy,,0:34
50125 Ottema RickMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 27Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,0:34
5124 Reinders ElmarRoompot - Charles 27Roompot - Charles,,0:34
5262 Devolder StijnCorendon - Circus 40Corendon - Circus0:460:46
53106 Kearney AaronEvoPro Racing 20EvoPro Racing,,0:46
5436 Minnaard MarcoWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 30Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,0:46
55124 Bootsveld JelleMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 19Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,0:46
5693 Hooghiemster RenéAlecto Cycling Team  33Alecto Cycling Team ,,0:46
57113 Bommel HenningLKT Team Brandenburg 36LKT Team Brandenburg1:011:01
587 Wynants MaartenTeam Jumbo-Visma 37Team Jumbo-Visma1:031:03
59136 Slik IvarMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 26Monkey Town - à Bloc CT1:161:16
60131 Loohuis LarsMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 19Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:16
61196 van der Burg JoostVlasman CT 25Vlasman CT,,1:16
62176 Mol WesleyTeam Differdange - GeBa 20Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:16
63135 Oostra FolkertMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 30Monkey Town - à Bloc CT1:181:18
6451 Claeys DimitriCofidis, Solutions Crédits 32Cofidis, Solutions Crédits,,1:18
6522 Duijn HuubRoompot - Charles 35Roompot - Charles,,1:18
6623 Riesebeek OscarRoompot - Charles 26Roompot - Charles,,1:18
67141 Arensman ThymenSEG Racing Academy 19SEG Racing Academy,,1:18
6814 Keisse IljoDeceuninck - Quick Step 36Deceuninck - Quick Step,,1:18
69101 Koning PeterEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,1:18
70146 Schelling IdeSEG Racing Academy 21SEG Racing Academy,,1:18
71134 Kleiman WimMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 26Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:18
72174 Pattyn JeroenTeam Differdange - GeBa 23Team Differdange - GeBa,,1:18
73123 De Lange ThijsMetec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel 24Metec - TKH Continental Cyclingteam p/b Mantel,,1:18
7474 Ferron ValentinTeam Total Direct Energie 21Team Total Direct Energie,,1:18
7576 Cousin JérômeTeam Total Direct Energie 30Team Total Direct Energie,,1:18
76137 van Breda RickMonkey Town - à Bloc CT 29Monkey Town - à Bloc CT,,1:18
7745 Van Poucke AaronSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 21Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,1:18
7873 Ligthart PimTeam Total Direct Energie 31Team Total Direct Energie1:421:42
7956 Viviani AttilioCofidis, Solutions Crédits 22Cofidis, Solutions Crédits2:012:01
8011 Declercq TimDeceuninck - Quick Step 30Deceuninck - Quick Step2:172:17
8135 Vliegen LoïcWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 25Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team2:192:19
82197 Wolsink JelleVlasman CT 23Vlasman CT,,2:19
8312 Gaze SamuelDeceuninck - Quick Step 23Deceuninck - Quick Step,,2:19
84192 Bovenhuis JasperVlasman CT 28Vlasman CT2:222:22
852 Lindeman Bert-JanTeam Jumbo-Visma 30Team Jumbo-Visma,,2:22
86173 Franz ToniTeam Differdange - GeBa 22Team Differdange - GeBa3:513:51
8792 Ten Boske KarsAlecto Cycling Team  19Alecto Cycling Team 3:553:55
DNF77 Nauleau BryanTeam Total Direct Energie 31Team Total Direct Energie--
DNF94 Koster AdneAlecto Cycling Team  19Alecto Cycling Team ,,-
DNF152 De Rooze NielsTarteletto - Isorex 27Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF91 Celi AbeAlecto Cycling Team  22Alecto Cycling Team ,,-
DNF33 De Clercq BartWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 33Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF184 Intra FelixTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 24Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF114 Koch ChristianLKT Team Brandenburg 22LKT Team Brandenburg,,-
DNF83 Hoeyberghs DaanBEAT Cycling Club  25BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF25 Leysen SenneRoompot - Charles 23Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF154 Vantomme MaximeTarteletto - Isorex 33Tarteletto - Isorex,,-
DNF194 Duvigneau BeauVlasman CT 24Vlasman CT,,-
DNF43 De Pauw MorenoSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 28Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF187 Leinau JoannTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 24Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF116 Rudys PaulLKT Team Brandenburg 21LKT Team Brandenburg,,-
DNF84 Abraham DanielBEAT Cycling Club  34BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF27 Van Staeyen MichaelRoompot - Charles 31Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF171 Andersson AndreasTeam Differdange - GeBa 20Team Differdange - GeBa,,-
DNF21 De Bie SeanRoompot - Charles 28Roompot - Charles,,-
DNF47 Van Rooy KennethSport Vlaanderen - Baloise 26Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise,,-
DNF193 van Zijl MelvinVlasman CT 27Vlasman CT,,-
DNF144 Krul WesselSEG Racing Academy 19SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF86 Lewis AdamBEAT Cycling Club  24BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF31 Backaert FrederikWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 29Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF181 Giesselmann MichelTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 20Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF105 Mudgway LukeEvoPro Racing 23EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF63 Hansen Lasse NormanCorendon - Circus 27Corendon - Circus,,-
DNF104 Gate AaronEvoPro Racing 28EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF147 Verboom MinneSEG Racing Academy 19SEG Racing Academy,,-
DNF87 Mengoulas AlexBEAT Cycling Club  22BEAT Cycling Club ,,-
DNF32 Baugnies JérômeWanty - Gobert Cycling Team 32Wanty - Gobert Cycling Team,,-
DNF182 Leinau LouisTeam Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY 24Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS GERMANY,,-
DNF107 Wippert WouterEvoPro Racing 29EvoPro Racing,,-
DNF=Did not finish / DNS=Did not start / OTL = Outside time limit / DF=Did finish, no result

Race information

Tacx Pro Classic / Ronde van Zeeland logoDate: 12th October 2019
Avg. speed winner: 45.585 km/h
Race category: Men Elite
Parcours type: 0*
PCS point scale: 1.1
Start/finish: MiddelburgNeeltje Jans

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210 pnt
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